• April 6, 2023
    Hey all-
    Thanks so much for having me this week! I had a blast going over Recess 101 basics with our core games on the blacktop and especially playing Blob Tag in the Tag Zone. 
    Our Junior Coaches this week worked hard to create posters and signs of recess expectations, game rules, and playground maps. Next rotation, Alex's and my goal is to get these hung up around the school and near the playground to increase engagement and help remind students of those Recess basics. Shoutout to Heather, the laminating volunteer, for getting all of those posters laminated!
    As discussed in our recess team meeting, please review the Recess Roles Spreadsheet and sign up for one of our ~amazing~ roles out on the playground . You - YES YOU - could be a fabulous Game Facilitator, a perfect Junior Coach Point Person, or a terrific End of Recess Transitioner. Each recess block has their own tab on the spreadsheet so you can click right through to find the recess you supervise.
    Last but not least... Playworks Survey Spring 2023

    Each Spring, we ask staff at each school to complete a survey about their experience with Playworks programming this year. Results from this survey provide us with feedback that helps us reflect, learn and make adjustments to better support partners like you! The results also allow us to engage with funders, community leaders and district change makers. 

    This year, every school staff member who submits a survey response before May 31st and opts into the drawing, will be entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! (Every week a new winner will be emailed their gift card).

    Whether or not staff participate, your Playworks partnership will not be affected. Results will also not be shared with anyone outside of Playworks leadership. We encourage and are hoping for at least 10 responses, as that is required to receive a valid snapshot of our impact, which we can share with you at the end of the year. 

    The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will remain open until June 16th.

    Thanks everyone!

    Paige Evans


    Program Manager

    Playworks Pacific Northwest