Oaks Park Celebration

  • Kids gathering at Oak's Park

    Near the end of every school year, safety patrol members are invited to celebrate at Oaks Park as a reward for their hard work and service throughout the school year. Students receive a ride pass and are provided with lunch. Planning for this event occurs throughout the school year to ensure sufficient passes and other materials are purchased. It is vital that you respond promptly to any surveys sent collecting planning information for the Oaks Park celebration. Each student attending this event must have a signed permission slip specific to the Oaks Park celebration field trip for the current school year. These will be collected by the PPS District Crossing Guard Coordinator prior to the event.


    Because this event is celebrating the hard work and dedication to safety displayed by our Safety Patrol members, as well as due to regulations surrounding cost-reporting by nutrition services, ride passes and lunches are provided for students only. Parents and chaperones must purchase ride passes prior to the event through the Oaks Park website if they wish to ride any rides. Chaperones do not require a ride pass to be admitted to the park. Food is available for purchase at Oaks Park. 


    Chaperone Expectations & Requirements (per PPS Risk Department): 

    Elementary schools need 1 adult for every 10 students. 

    Middle schools need 1 adult to every 15 students.