• Playgrounds

    Many of the new playgrounds that have been installed or replaced on Portland Public Schools locations in recent years have been volunteer efforts initiated by the School PTA. There are a variety of ways to make an impact on the playground environment and a variety of resources to assist in the effort. In order to provide guidance with the process Portland Public Schools (PPS) has put together a guide to help inform volunteers on the procedure.


    Thank you for your interest in working with Portland Public Schools (The District) to provide improved playground amenities for our students and community.  Below is an outline of the basic steps to a Successful Play Structure project.  Hopefully this will assist in the planning and sequencing of your project.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Project Management & Construction at 503-916-3401.

    Types of Projects (does not include ALL project types)

    • Upgrade of existing playground equipment
    • Improvements to playground accessibility
    • Installation of new playground equipment at existing playground
    • Installation of new playground area

    Types of Funding (does not include ALL funding types)

    • Donations
    • Grants
    • Fundraising

    Step One

    • Determine what kind of project the group is interested in
      • Meets a particular need
      • Funding is sufficient for project
    • Create a Mission Statement
      • Who – Responsible Party
      • What – Project Type
      • When – Anticipated Schedule
      • Where – Which School / Location on Site
      • Why – Ultimate Goal of Project
      • How – Funding Source, Installation Team

    Step Two

    • Get Principal Buy-in
    • Submit a Project Development Request (PDR) to Facilities
      • Project will be assigned to a Facilities Project Manager (PM)
        • PM will review for
          • Location compatibility
          • Basic compliance with District Standards https://www.pps.net/Page/1654
            • Division 11 – Equipment
              • 11-68-13 – Track and Field Equipment
              • 11-68-13 – Playground Equipment
            • Division 12 – Furnishings
              • 12-93-00 – Site Furnishings
            • Division 32 – Exterior Improvements
              • 32-18-00 – Athletic and Recreational Surfacing
              • 32-30-00 – Site Improvements
              • 32-30-10 – School and Community Led Site Improvements
          • Cost Estimate Review
          • Schedule
          • Required Permits
          • Funding Sources
          • Determine who is responsible for vendor/contractor selection and coordination
        • PM will issue approval to proceed to next steps, recommendations for alterations or request additional information

    Step Three (After PM Approval)

    • Proceed with design development and vendor selection
    • Secure all required funding
    • Review schedule for funding source deadlines

    Step Four

    • Formal submittal to PM
      • Design Drawings / Shop Drawings
      • Permit for Donated Materials
      • Building Permit Application (if required)
      • Release and Waiver of Liability
      • Insurance Certificates (Product Liability and Group Insurance)
      • Contractor Information
        • License Information (CCB)
        • Insurance Certificates
          • General Liability
          • Workers Compensation
        • Bond (if required)
      • Installation Guarantee
      • Manufacturer's Warranty
      • Grant Requirements
        • Deadlines for completion / billing
      • Maintenance Instructions
      • Proposed construction schedule
    • Facilities PM to review and comment / approve prior to proceeding with ANY work on-site, or finalization of equipment order

    Step Five (After PM Approval)

    • Finalize equipment order
    • Verify all permits are in place
    • Schedule construction
      • Include time for required PM inspections of site prep and footings / supports

    Step Six

    • Installation
      • Include time for required PM inspections prior to finalization with installer
      • Punch-list and repairs
        • Review for substandard or incomplete work
      • Establishment of Substantial Completion and Warranty start dates
      • Permit Close-outs

    Step Seven

    • Grand Opening
      • Thank You Acknowledgements
      • Finalization of Fund Distribution


    Additional information, as well as samples of the required forms are available upon request.  Project Management and Construction wants to work with you on these projects and we look forward to seeing your vision.  Thank you for your interest in supporting the District, your School and our Community.

    Download this PDF for your reference