The Health Credit by Exam Option allows PPS students to earn one full (1.0) HEALTH credit. The Health CBE cannot be taken for .5 credit. Students need to pass the PPS Health Exam with a minimum of 80% and then complete a portfolio of work within 3 months of taking the test. Retakes are not an option.

    The Health CBE is not an option for credit recovery. As with all CBE options, it requires a high level of knowledge and application of the Oregon Health standards. Passing a middle school health class is not sufficient to meet the high school CBE requirements. 

    Parents: Contact your school counselor to get more information and authorization for the CBE. 

    Counselors: Contact Diane Berthoin-Hernández at the Learning & Credit Options/Virtual Scholars Office, for more information on the process. Use the VS Website to authorize the student to take the CBE. 

    Enrollment Window:  September 1 through February 1.

    Testing Fee:
    PPS students $35.00

    Student will receive PASS or NO PASS only for Health 1-2. No letter grades will be given. A "NO PASS" is not recorded on the student's transcript. Student will earn 1.0 Health credit for passing the Health CBE Exam/Portfolio. 

    Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, LCO/VS Administrator, dianepbh@pps.net, 503-916-6120, or x71730

    Keisha Mateo, kmateo@pps.net, 503-916-6120, x71732


    Health CBE Requirements: 

    Step 1: Pass Exam with 80% or higher (One opportunity to earn a passing score)
    Step 2: Pass Portfolio with scores of “Successful" or "Accomplished” on each portfolio task. (Revisions are permitted)
    Step 3: Pass Final Discussion Based Assessment with a score of “Successful" or "Accomplished”


    Health CBE Process for Parents: 

    Step 1:  Contact the school cousnelor to get more information and authorization for the CBE (Enrollment window September 1-February 1)
    Step 2: The Administrator of Learning and Credit Options will contact the parent to discuss request to take the Health Credit By Exam.
    Step 3: The LCO Office will send the parent a link to pay for the testing fee. Once the fee is paid, the student will gain access online textbook and study for Exam
    Step 4: Call the LCO Office to set up an appointment to take the Health Test at the LCO Office.
     After receiving a passing score (80% or above), meet with CBE Health Teacher to discuss portfolio and get log-in information.
    Step 5: Within 3 months, complete and upload the portfolio tasks.  (Minimum time to complete is 30 days; Maximum time to complete is 3 months. NO extensions will bee granted) Last date to turn in portfolio is May 15. 
    Step 6: If all scores are passing scored on the portfolio, make appointment to complete the Discussion Based Assessment (DBA).
    Step 7: Pass the DBA.
    Step 8: The LCO Office will post a P or NP on the student's trasncript for Health 1-2. 

    Topics Included: (Additional topics and skills will be provided to the student upon registration for the HEALTH CBE option. 

    Addiction/Substance Abuse
    Healthy Relatioships & Consent
    Abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, spousal
    Suicide Prevention
    Bullying & Violence Prevention
    Nutrition: nutrients, food composition, digestion, weight
    Gender & Sexuarlity
    Sexual health and hygiene
    Contraceptives & STIs
    Reproductive Health
    Environmental health and safety
    Body systems: urinary, endocrine, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, digestive, etc…
    Conflict resolution
    Personal and Community Health
    Mental health
    Nutritional & Physical Activity

    In addition, candidates should be able to demonstrate that they can:
    Access valid health information
    Analyze influences of culture, media, technology, and other factors on health
    Use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health
    Set realistic health-enhancing goals and describe the steps needed to reach those goals
    Use decision-making steps that lead to health-enhancing action
    Advocate for personal, family, and community health

    Recommended Text(s):

    Students will be provided with online access to the PPS Helath text book. Access is provided after the registration and fee are received by the LCO/VS Office.
    Students can also contact their school bookroom clerk to access the following texts: 

                Glencoe, Health, c.1998
                Prentice Hall, Health, c.2006


    Questions? Call (503) 916-6120, or consult your school counselor.


Diane Berthoin-Hernandez
503-916-2000 x71730