• Health 1-2

    The Health Credit Option allows PPS students to earn one full HEALTH credit. Students need to pass the PPS Health Exam with a minimum of 80% and then complete a portfolio of work within 3 months of taking the test. Retakes are not an option.


    Contact the Learning & Credit Options/Virtual Scholars Office (LCO/VS)  at 503-916-6120. Click here for registration form

    Enrollment Window:  September 1 through March 1.

    PPS students $35.00
    Free/Reduced Meal Eligible Students $15.00


    Student will receive PASS or NO PASS only. No letter grades will be given. A "NO PASS" is not recorded on the student's transcript. Student will earn 1.0 Health credit for passing the Health CBE Exam/Portfolio. 

    Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, LCO/VS Administrator, dianepbh@pps.net, 503-916-6120, or x71730

    Marissa Thompson, mthompson1@pps.net, 503-916-6120, x71732


    Health CBE Requirements: 

    Step 1: Pass Exam with 80% or higher (One opportunity to earn a passing score)
    Step 2: Pass Portfolio with scores of “Successful" or "Accomplished” on each portfolio task. (Revisions are permitted)
    Step 3: Pass Final Discussion Based Assessment with a score of “Successful" or "Accomplished”


    Health CBE Process: 

    Step 1: Contact Administrator of Learning and Credit Options to discuss request to take the Health Credit By Exam. Call 503-916-6120 to set up an hone conference to discuss options.
    Step 2: Register for Health CBE. Set appt to visit LCO Office and pay fee. (Enrollment window September 1-March 1)
    Step 3: Access online textbook and study for Exam
    Step 4: After receiving a passing score (80% or above), meet with CBE Health Teacher to discuss portfolio and get log-in information.
    Step 5: Within 3 months, complete and upload the portfolio tasks.  (Minimum time to complete is 30 days; Maximum time to complete is 3 months). 
    Step 6: If all scores are passing scored on the portfolio, make appointment to complete the Discussion Based Assessment.
    Step 7: Pass the Discussion based Assessment.

    Topics to Consider:

    Addiction/Substance Abuse
    Abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, spousal
    Nutrition: nutrients, food composition, digestion, weight
    Sexual health and hygiene
    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
    Environmental health and safety
    Body systems: urinary, endocrine, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, digestive, etc…
    Conflict resolution

    In addition, candidates should be able to demonstrate that they can:
    Access valid health information
    Analyze influences of culture, media, technology, and other factors on health
    Use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health
    Set realistic health-enhancing goals and describe the steps needed to reach those goals
    Use decision-making steps that lead to health-enhancing action
    Advocate for personal, family, and community health

    Recommended Text(s):

    Students will be provided with online access to the PPS Helath text book. Access is provided after the registration and fee are received by the LCO/VS Office.
    Students can also contact their school bookroom clerk to access the following texts: 

                Glencoe, Health, c.1998
                Prentice Hall, Health, c.2006


    Questions? Call (503) 916-6120, or consult your day school counselor.


Diane Berthoin-Hernandez
503-916-2000 x71730