• Latin

    The Latin Credit by Exam Option may be available for students to earn credit for Latin 1-2/3-4/5-6/7-8.Please contact the Learning & Credit Options office to determine availability.

    Original document providing National Latin Exam (NLE) Passing Scores = Cum Laude, Silver or Gold. In addition to the exam results, a portfolio and discussion-based assessment must be completed by last day of school in June, or May 30 for seniors.

    Call for portfolio appointment.

    PPS students $35.00
    Free/Reduced Meal Eligible Students $15.00

    All students will receive PASS or NO PASS only. No letter grades will be given. A "NO PASS" is not recorded on the student's transcript.

    Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, LCO/VS Administrator, dianepbh@pps.net, 503-916-6120, or x71730

    Kurt Hanson, khanson2@pps.net, 503-916-6120, x71732

Diane Berthoin-Hernandez
503-916-2000 x71730