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    For graduation, all students will need to demonstrate their proficiency in the Essential Skill of MathematicsIf students are not able to achieve passing scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessment, they can demonstrate their proficiency in the Essential Skill of Mathematics by scoring a 4 or higher on each of the five required traits for TWO Math Work Samples using the PPS Entry Form and the Official State Scoring Guide.

    The five required traits are Making Sense of the Task, Representing and Solving the Task, Communicating Reasoning, Accuracy, and Reflecting and Evaluating.

    Students must pass two work samples in two of the three following strands: Geometry, Algebraic Reasoning, and Statistics/Probability.

    Work Sample Entry Form (Use for Graduation Requirement)

    Work Sample Scoring Guide

    Work Sample Formula and Conversion Sheet

    Practice Math Work Samples and Helpful Resources


    Please contact Math TOSA Jaclyn Herzog (jherzog@pps.net) if you need additional information.