Free and Reduced-Price Meals

  • A new application must be completed each year and only forms for the current year are accepted.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Meal applications for the 2021-22 school year cannot be accepted until the updated Federal Income Guidelines are published in the new meal application on or after July 1, 2021


    Applying Online: 

    Click on the Apply Online Button below or download the mobile app to complete and submit an application via SchoolCafe.

     Apply Online


    Two Step Process to Submit an Online Meal Application with SchoolCafe:

    1. Create a SchoolCafe Account. You can use this account each school year to submit an online meal application.

    2. Complete and submit the online application. You can check the status of the application and even print out the approval/denial letter.*


    • If an online application is approved via the 2020-21 Oregon Expanded Income Guidelines, SchoolCafe will have a 'Denied' application status. Although an approval letter cannot be generated from SchoolCafe, a copy will be sent to the household by mail and email, if on file.  
    • If an application is approved via the 2020-21 Federal Income Guidelines, SchoolCafe will have an 'Approved' status. Although families will receive a written approval/denial letter, they can also print it out from SchoolCafe. 


    Paper Applications: 

    To submit a paper application, click on 2020-21 Confidential Family Application for Free and Reduced Priced Meals below. Print out and complete the required information and mail the application to the PPS Nutrition Services Dept., 501 N. Dixon St., Portland, OR 97227. Or, request one to be mailed to you by contacting the PPS Meal Benefits Office at 503.916.3402 or email 

    If families do not qualify for free and reduced-price meals, school meals can be purchased at specific sites. However, a meal application can be submitted any time during the school year. This means if circumstances change that allow famlies to meet the inome guidelines they can submit an application at that time. Please note, meal benefits begin the date the application is approved and cannot be backdated to cover prior purchases.


    • Families approved via the 2021-21 Oregon Expanded Income Guidelines are eligible for free meals (one breakfast, one lunch per school day) during the school year.
    • Families approved via the 2020-21 Federal Income Guidelines are eligible for free feels (one breakfast, one lunch per school day) during the school year, and may also be eligible for federally funded benefits, such as Pandemic EBT. 


    More Information about Meal Benefits

Oregon Expanded Income Guideline (EIG)

  • The State of Oregon has increased the income guidelines for free meal eligibility in the 2020-21 school year from 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to 300% of FPL. The new expanded income guidelines are listed below.

    To receive meals at no charge under Oregon’s expanded free meal eligibility, families would submit their household income information using the 2020-21 Confidential Family Applic­­ation for Free & Reduced Price Meals. Applications can be submitted online or paper.

  • Oregon Expanded Income Guideline (EIG) Chart

  • Federal Income Guidelines

Meal Benefits Resources

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