• Educational Options Review

    What is the Educational Options Review?

    In 2013, SACET (Superintendent’s Advisory Committee for Enrollment & Transfer) convened and developed recommendations for the superintendent to align Enrollment and Transfer (ETC) policies with PPS strategic framework and Racial Educational Equity Policy. SACET recommended changes to the focus option lottery process, which were implemented for the 2015-16 lottery, and implementation of a focus option review. The committee recommended that this review:

    • Explain the purpose of each focus option
    • Develop measures of success for focus options
    • Develop an evaluation process
    • Align to the Educational Options policy (6.10.022-P), which states that “the district shall evaluate educational options on an established cycle, consistent with district objectives, other district policies, and statutory requirements.”

    What is the purpose of the Educational Option Review?

    The goal of the Educational Options Review is to establish a regular ongoing process for reviewing individual educational options and to answer broader questions about the goals and definitions of these schools/programs.

    What schools and programs are within the scope of the Review?

    All in-district educational options including focus options, dual language immersion programs, and in-district alternatives are being considered in the review. Charters and community based organizations have separate existing processes for review and are not within the scope of the Educational Options Review.

    Who is part of the Educational Option Review Committee?

    The committee is an internal working group and includes representatives from the Dual Language Immersion department, the Equity department, Facilities, Enrollment and Transfer, Multiple Pathways to Graduation, and the Office of School Performance, as well as principals from alternative, focus option, and neighborhood schools.  



    Analysis of relationship between educational options and right-sizing neighborhood schools completed (presented to DBRAC)

    February - March

    Reviewing and refining existing definitions of educational option schools, including focus options and alternative schools Analysis of focus option lottery changes completed.

    Educational Options update their Plans of Operation.

    March - June

    Educational Options Review Committee reviews Plans of Operation and produces report on educational options that defines an ongoing review process for individual schools/programs.


    The Educational Options Review Committee is an internal PPS working committee. The committee will vet the review process and any recommendations that they develop with community stakeholders. The report and analyses developed by this committee will support ongoing enrollment balancing/DBRAC work, which will continue to be a public, transparent process. Once the committee has developed draft recommendations or proposals, they will be posted online.

    How does the process align with Enrollment Balancing?

    No educational options are being closed as part of enrollment balancing. Outside of dual language immersion, we are not considering expansion of focus option programs as the focus now is to right-size neighborhood schools. DBRAC has proposed to relocate some educational options, but only if the moves are deemed necessary to balance enrollment. Analyses completed by the Educational Options Review Committee may help inform DBRAC's work as they make decisions about middle school locations, feeder patterns, and boundaries for the east side.

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