• Resources

    It is the district’s responsibility to match appropriate instructional resources with quality teaching to effectively achieve academic excellence. With so many curriculum options available, it is imperative that we adopt a process for selections that will not only accommodate individual needs, but will also address the need for standardization and uniformity within our district, at the grade level and/or in the specific content area. Instructional resources used in an educational setting should align with the current core curriculum, help expand a student’s knowledge of a subject and enable students to build higher-order thinking skills.

    Successful Outcomes

    The benefits of the IRIS process focused on the selection of all district instructional resources includes:

    ·         Curriculum is aligned with district standards and addresses student and teacher mobility issues

    ·         Compatibility

    ·         Interoperability

    ·         Further standardization of site and district Instructional Resources

    ·         A composite view of all instructional resources in the district

    ·         Ease of training and professional development

    ·         Improved planning ability and responsible use of district funds

    ·         Educational equity for all PPS departments

    ·         A equitable vendor selection process that is transparent to community and state

    ·         Vendor understanding of PPS selection criteria