Ainsworth Glossary

  • Ainsworth School Foundation
    The Foundation (distinct from the PTA, and a Portland Public Schools-wide organization) raises money for our teachers’ salaries. Ainsworth Elementary’s foundation is second in raising money in the school district, Lincoln High School is the first.  Two-thirds of the money raised goes directly to fund our full-time teachers. The other third is given to the Portland Schools Foundation and distributed to disadvantaged schools in the district. Contributions to the Foundation may be made through PayPal.

    Child care is provided at our school by Ainsworth Aftercare Association, a non profit organization which is governed by a parent board of directors. It is a licensed day care provider, certified by the State of Oregon. 2:15 – 6:00 p.m.

    Apoyemos is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the K-12 Spanish Immersion Program in the Lincoln cluster schools in Portland, Oregon by facilitating fundraising activities, distributing grants to its three schools and coordinating the 8th grade Costa Rica educational trip.

    Apples for Apples
    A fall fundraiser selling delicious locally-grown apples in order to raise funds for Ainsworth technology needs, such as our mobile iPad lab.

    The buildings on the upper campus that house the 2nd and 3rd grades of the English and Spanish Immersion programs, a short walking distance from the main building via SW Spring Street.

    Art Fair
    An evening event in May which showcases our students’ best art pieces, salon style, in the gym and throughout the school, and includes fun art activities for students and their siblings. Sponsored by the PTA.

    Band and Choir
    Ainsworth offers the opportunity for 4th and 5th graders to play brass, woodwinds or strings in the school band. The choir is open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Both have weekly practices and performances throughout the year.

    Battle of the Books
    Competing teams of four from the 4th and 5th grades select a number of books from a list, read and discuss them as a team, then are quizzed by a teacher in a game-show format about the books’ contents.  A great way to promote reading and teamwork.

    BizTown, or JA (Junior Achievement)
    5th grade students learn the basic concepts of business and economics and how education is relevant to the workplace.  The program combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to this fully-interactive, simulated town facility. The Junior Achievement Center is located at 7830 SE Foster Road in Portland, OR.

    This traditional carnival event, sponsored by the PTA and entirely volunteer-driven, is a chance for the entire school community and their families to have fun while supporting Ainsworth. Usually scheduled in October, Buckaroo features bouncy houses, games like Milk the (wooden) Cow and Rope the Calf, and food and beverage stands. The gym hosts sideshow games for little ones. The Cakewalk is held in the auditorium and counts among the most popular highlights.

    Buzz Book
    This student/family roster, intended for Ainsworth families only, is prepared by the Ainsworth PTA and includes each student’s name and grade as well as their home address and contact information. (Families may choose to be unlisted.) Also included in the Buzz Book is contact information for the school office, all teachers and staff, and for the chairs of various PTA volunteer committees.

    A game like Pass the Parcel but with pastry trophies, all donated, played during Buckaroo. Children and adults shuffle (and often dance!) around the auditorium and when the music stops they take their place on a number pasted on the floor. A handful of numbers are called at random and the winner gets a cake. A time-honored Buckaroo tradition.

    Community Program
    Now called The English Program at Ainsworth, distinct from the Spanish Immersion Program.

    Connect to Kindergarten
    An evening event held in January/February for prospective kindergarten families. Kindergarten teachers provide information about their curriculum and describe the Ainsworth experience in detail. Enrollment forms and information packets are available for both the English and Spanish Immersion Program.

    Crossing Guards
    Each year a small group of 5th graders are selected to be crossing guards in the mornings and afternoons, at the intersections of SW Elm and SW Vista and at the crosswalk that crosses SW Spring to the Annex. Application forms for interested students are available from the teacher.

    Day of the Dead
    The Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and by Latin Americans living in the United States and Canada. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends praying for and remembering friends and family members who have died. The celebration occurs on November 1st and 2nd.

    Enichment Activities
    Aftercare and PTA sponsor a number of before and after school enrichment opportunities for Ainsworth students. Click here to see the updated list.

    eScrip is a fundraising program where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the Ainsworth. Please visit the eScrip site for more information.  Our eScrip number is 8560660

    Family Math Nights
    Students show off their math skills for their families, working through games and puzzles. Family Math Nights are organized by grade level K-1, 2-3, and 4-5.

    Fifth Grade Ceremony
    A “promotion” celebration for the 5th Graders in the English and Spanish Immersion programs who are leaving Ainsworth for middle school.

    5th Grade Kickball Game
    As a finale for their final year at Ainsworth, a team of Ainsworth 5th Graders takes on the teachers at kickball on the last school day of the year. The entire school community including parents turns out to watch and cheer on their chosen team.

    Full-Time Equivalent teacher and staff positions. Staff allocation based on the number of students served. This component includes, but is not limited to, teachers, educational assistants, and library and technology staff. Ratio FTE does not include funding for kindergarten.

    Family Fridays
    All kindergartners spend the last part of each Friday afternoon playing with one another in different classrooms or on the playground.

    Family Handbook
    A comprehensive document of all policies and procedures.

    Field Day
    A school wide day of exercise and fun activities, attended by students, teachers, and volunteers, held on the Ainsworth playground and including an obstacle course, frog toss and races. No classes held in honor of this annual event.

    Geography Bee
    Like the Spelling Bee, this competition engages students in naming capitals, mountain ranges, and countries, among other geographical facts. In 2008, Ainsworth student Sam Flecker went to the national finals in Washington DC. In 2012 Ethan Bankowski, a 4th grader, placed 9th out of 100 in OR in a competition which included middle school students.

    Green Team
    A small group of parents who promote green or ecological habits and involve Ainsworth students and staff. The group’s initiatives have included reducing power usage, enhanced recycling in the cafeteria, and Walk to School Day on the first Wednesday of every month except Dec.-Feb.

    Holiday Home Tour
    An annual tradition for more than 20 years and one of the biggest PTA fundraisers. This mid-December event features five Ainsworth neighborhood homes, decorated for the holidays, for daytime and evening tours accompanied by a Holiday Gift Show in the gymnasium. Tickets go on sale in late November.

    New Family Welcome
    Incoming kindergarten families are invited to meet both their new teachers and classmates in a small, informal setting before the first day of school. Families bring a picnic and gather around for story-telling and information-sharing, easing the transition to elementary school.

    News Notes
    This is a weekly update from the Principal of all that is happening at school.  It is delivered via email list serve each Friday.

    Ainsworth’s official rating since 2002 by the Oregon State Board of Education. The highest rating possible, shared only by Bridlemile, Duniway, Forest Park and Rieke Elementaries in the Portland School District.

    The Parent Teacher Association traditionally oversees and/or funds most enrichment activities at the school, including: Art Fair, Buckaroo, Chess Club, Greenspace Club, Holiday Home Tour, Homework Club, Science Fair, Talent Show, facilities improvement (play structures, painting, Julia Reimann Field, etc.) groundskeeping, room parents, Big Tent, and teacher appreciation activities.

    PTA Sponsored Community Support
    The PTA also sponsors/organizes/participates in community service projects, including an annual clothes drive, food drive and toy drive for families in need. The PTA funds scholarships for field trips and Scholastic books and assists families in need to cover a portion of the full time kindergarten fee.

    Reading Buddies
    Upper graders adopt a younger child, usually a kindergartner, and read to him or her once a week.

    Red Ball
    An evening event for Ainsworth parents and their guests which includes a silent auction (donated by parents and local businesses), a catered dinner featuring a live auction of big-ticket items and class-created art projects, followed by dancing to a live band. Usually held on a Saturday evening in March, RedBall is sponsored by the Ainsworth Foundation and is one of the largest fundraisers of the year.

    Room Parents
    One or two parents per class who act as liaisons between the teacher and the parents. Room parents may assist their student’s teacher with organizing the volunteer schedule and class parties, and help with general administrative tasks when needed.

    Run For The Arts
    Run For The Arts is an opportunity for schools to raise the funds that make it possible to bring artists into their classrooms, pay for field trips to see performances and exhibitions, and purchase art supplies. It is an annual jog-a-thon conducted by individual schools throughout Oregon & SW Washington and coordinated by Young Audiences. Students secure pledges for laps run, earn points, win prizes and raise funds to ensure the arts are present in their school.

    Samba Band
    Brian Davis from the Portland band Pink Martini founded the Ainsworth Jr. Escola, a samba band. Fifth graders practice Brazilian carnival music weekly and perform at several events culminating with the Junior Rose Parade in June.

    Schoolhouse Supplies
    Order your child’s complete list of school supplies online.  The timeframe to order is usually between May and July before the new school year. Supplies will be delivered to the classroom on the first day of school. Schoolhouse Supplies is a nonprofit organization that provides free school supplies to teachers in need within Portland Public Schools.

    Science Fair
    The annual Science Fair is held on a Saturday morning in April and features science projects from over half of Ainsworth students. Combines student-completed science exhibits with hands-on science activities, an exciting Science Show, and the always- popular Egg Drop contest.

    A fundraising opportunity that is driven by the PTA. Participants pre-purchase gift cards to use at participating retailers. Parents will be able to order and purchase gift cards from numerous retailers.  The retailers offer the gift cards at a discount (approximately 5%) and that percentage is kept by the PTA.  Scrip order forms are available in the office.

    Site Council
    This volunteer group supports the principal with the overall academic direction of the school, focusing on initiatives such as improving reading or math scores or augmenting the curriculum.

    Spanish Program
    The Spanish language immersion program, one of seven in the Portland Public School District.

    Special Persons Day
    Formerly Grandparents Day, this is a school-wide occasion when students invite special friends or family to the classroom for in-class tours and activities.

    Spelling Bee
    This contest gives Ainsworth students the opportunity to participate in elimination rounds of word spelling, live, with a chance to go to state and national championships.

    Student Council
    A student group made up of two students from each class in 3rd-5th grades which meets every two weeks to give their input on service projects throughout the school. Also helps organize the food drive “Project Second Wind” and fun end-of-year events such as Wacky Hair Day and Field Day. Advised by Ainsworth teachers.

    Talent Show
    A favorite Ainsworth tradition, sponsored by the PTA, with performances of all kinds by students from every grade level. This two-night show, usually held during February, is open to Ainsworth students of all ages and abilities.

    Teacher Appreciation
    Also includes a tea and a dinner at a local house, on days when teachers are involved in planning sessions or doing back-to-back parent-teacher conferences.

    Wreath Sale
    This fundraiser features evergreen wreaths and garlands crafted by a local nursery, with all proceeds supporting the PTA.