• Kindergarten Information Sessions

    Child Centered Planning

    Last spring, all graduating Head Start parents/guardians completed a Child Centered Plan with their Head Start teacher. The plan includes the Head Start teacher’s contact information and student interests, strengths and challenges. 

    If your incoming kindergarten child did not attend a Head Start program, but you would like to share information with their new teachers, click on the "Child Centered Plan" link above to print out a form for your personal use during your introductory meeting. 


    In order to enroll your child, we need:

    • a kindergarten registration packet that has been completed and returned
    • a copy of the child's birth certificate, passport, or hospital certificate confirming age (for visual examination)
    • a completed copy of the Oregon Immunization card (form is included in the packet above)
    • two items proving residency in our area (rental agreement, real estate closing, utility bill, etc. Sorry, no driver's licenses.)
    • a vision & dental screening form for any child age 7 or younger



    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    Q: But my child is due for another immunization. Can't I keep the packet until I can add the extra dose to their chart?

    A: We need to present the school nurse with proof that every child has at least one dose of the required immunizations. If your child has at LEAST one dose of each, it's better to turn the paperwork in early, and stop by to update their record after they receive the additional dose/s.

    Q: We're moving into the area. Can we mail or fax our registration packet? 

    A: PPS Enrollment requires us to accept registration packets in person. If you feel your situation is extraordinary & requires district assistance, contact the Enrollment & Transfer Department online or call them at 503-916-3205 to speak with a representative about your circumstances.

    Q: This seems like a busy neighborhood. How is the parking situation?

    A: All parking is on-street & metered. It is frequently in use by construction workers & area residents. The Ramona does not have a public parking area, and the street in front of the school is reserved for school buses from 7 am - 4 pm. For $50 a year, you may opt to get a pick-up/drop-off permit from PBOT. Download a Parking Permit Application. Permits are issued by mail, and applications & payment should be sent to PBOT Parking Permits, 1134 SW 5th Ave Portland OR 97204. General parking information is found on the PBOT website. Be aware that permits are only good for ONE year, and they will not be prorated based on when you purchase the permit. Having a permit does not guarantee that you will find a nearby parking spot, only that you may park for 15 minutes without payment or penalty while picking up or dropping off your child IF you find a spot.

    Students living more than 1 mile from the school (curb to curb) may qualify to ride the school bus to & from school. Check your eligibility.

    Q: Can I use my driver's license for one of my proof of address documents?

    A: Sorry, PPS does not allow us to accept drivers' license or IDs as address proof. A complete list of acceptable documents is available on the Enrollment & Transfer Department Page.




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