Health & Physical Education

  • Overview


    • Health 1 (Freshmen)
    • Health 2 (Sophomores)
    • Nutrition for Health and Wellness
    • Health Occupations: Intro to Medicine and Health Occupations
    • Health Occupations 3-4: Emergency Medical Services and Teen Community Emergency Team
    • Health Occupations 5-6: Wilderness First Aid & Sports Medicine
    • Advanced Medicine/Clinical Rotations
    • Anatomy & Physiology

    Health Sciences Career/Technical Academy At Wilson High School

    Starting in Fall 2016 students can begin our new Health Sciences program. All students are welcome to participate, but those interested in a career in the health care field are encouraged.

    The following are required courses in the program:

    • Introduction to Medicine and Health Occupations. Taken as a sophomore, this semester long class will be paired with your required 
sophomore Health 2 course.
    • Introduction to Sports Medicine
. Taken in the junior year, this semester course is paired with Advanced Wilderness 
Rescue. Sports Medicine is a growing field with over 200 career options and will 
give students numerous opportunities to talk directly with professionals in the field. 

    • Advanced Wilderness Rescue. Paired with Sports Medicine, these two courses will give students experiences in two exciting areas of the medical field. This course equips students with a CPR and Basic First Aid certification as well as a Wilderness First Aid certification. We expect there to be some exciting and hands-on opportunities for students in the class to put themselves to the test.
    • Anatomy and Physiology
. This science course will give students a thorough grounding in the human body and body systems. It is a rigorous, lab oriented course, and is essential for any students considering a career in medicine or health care.
o This course can be taken in either the junior or senior year.
o It is also recommended that students take AP Biology, but it is not required.
    • Field Experience/Internship
. In the senior year, students will complete the Health Sciences “course of study” by participating in an Internship or Field Experience in a medical office or hospital. We will work with students who are completing the academy to customize this opportunity to an area/field they hope to learn more about before heading on to college. We expect this opportunity will assist students in finding entry-level work while they are studying in college or the university.

    Students completing the Health Science Career/Technical Academy will receive special recognition at graduation and other benefits related to an enhanced college application and potential letters of support/recommendation from the contacts made during the program. Space will be limited, but the opportunities participation may create for students are not!




    • Physical Education 1-2 (satisfies the PE graduation requirement)


    Electives, Sophomores - Seniors

    • Advanced PE
    • Mindfulness
    • Weight Training
    • Women's Weight Training
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • PE/Yoga
    • Unified PE, Peer Tutor
    • Dance 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 (Grades 9-12)

    Wilson Dance courses are offered through a partnership with The Portland Ballet in their studios adjacent to the Wilson campus.

  • Health Courses

    The Health curriculum is cross–disciplinary in nature, focusing on the sociology, psychology, physiology, and biology of health. In this program, health refers to optimal functioning, a process of achieving mental, social, emotional and physical health.

    Required for Graduation: 9th-grade students will take Health 1. 10th-grade students are required to take Health 2.

    Health 1 Year 9 – 12 Prerequisite: None Health is a one–semester course that meets one-half of the two–semester Health graduation requirement; .5 unit, 1 period(Paired with College and Career Exploration)
    Content of this course is centered on developing a holistic understanding of health–related issues. Students will explore a wide range of relevant topics such as: stress management, decision making, fitness, nutrition, chemical dependency, first aid, safe living, AIDS, lifestyle issues, and consumer education. Additional focus will be placed on enhancing each student’s capacity for personal self–assessment, goal setting, and behavior modification.

    Health 2 Year 10 Prerequisite: Health 1 .5 unit, 1 period
    This semester of Health Education will complete the full-year credit graduation requirement for Health Education. Students will develop a “sense of self” and “sense of action” for lifelong healthy decision making. Topics include Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Prevention and Control of Diseases, Violence Prevention and Communication skills, Safety and Unintended Injury Prevention, Environmental Health, and Consumer Health.

    Health 2 may be paired with any of the following Health/PE courses:

    Health Occupations
    Nutrition for Health and Wellness
    Unified PE/Peer Helper
    Advanced PE
    Mindful Studies

    *Consult your counselor about pairing Health 2 with Study Hall or a course in another department.

    Nutrition for Health and Wellness Year 10 – 12 Prerequisite: None .5 unit, 1 period
    Are you tired of eating Ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese all the time? Are the foods you’re eating literally making you sick and tired? Learn how to eat and prepare healthy, tasty food in Nutrition for Health and Wellness. You will learn about the foods you eat and how to fuel your body with what it needs for a long, healthy life. Topics include: nutrition concepts (learn about what you are eating); food safety and preparation (eat safely and be free from food–borne illnesses); consumer education (make your money last longer and go further at the grocery store). Explore possible careers in the food and nutrition industry and learn where our food comes from and how it is produced. Highlights include: obtaining an Oregon Food Handler’s Safety Card, in-class demonstrations and hands–on activities, visits from local chefs and nutritionists, and trips to learn about healthy food production and agriculture (Bob’s Red Mill, Zenger Farms, etc.).

    Health Occupations – Intro to Medicine and Health Occupations Year: 10 - 12 Prerequisite: Health 1 .5 unit, 1 period
    This comprehensive and exciting course offers a multitude of learning experiences related to real life medical emergencies. Students will
    become knowledgeable in prevention and first aid care and have the option to job shadow a variety of emergency medical professions. The content of this course, at times, may be viewed as graphic in nature, but realism is emphasized for preparedness in a real situation. Upon completion of this course, the students will have the opportunity to obtain their certifications in HIPAA, Blood Borne Pathogen and First Aid/CPR & AED, which are all industry standard certificates and meet requirements for post-secondary employment. Related careers include: Paramedic, EMT, Physician, Police Officer, rescue emergency equipment technology, and emergency field management. Health Oc. can be linked with Health 2. Students may enter 1st or 2nd semester to fit their schedule. This course is PCC Dual Credit with CG130H.

    Anatomy & Physiology Year 11 – 12 (Lab Science). Prerequisite: Health Occupations, Grade of “C” or above in Chemistry: NGSS. 11th graders must be concurrently enrolled in Biology: NGSS 1 unit, 1 period
    This lab science course covers the basic human anatomy and physiology. Students will study human body systems from the cellular to system level and how these systems interact. Anatomy and Physiology is a rigorous course intended for students who enjoy science and will be valuable for those interested in a variety of medical or health science related careers. A major portion of the course will be devoted to laboratory work. This course is required for Health Sciences CTE honors.

    NEW: Health Occupations 3-4 – Emergency Medical Services and Teen Community Emergency Team
    Year: 11-12 Prerequisites: Health Occupations. 1 unit, 1 period
    If you’re a fan of TV shows like The Good Doctor, Scrubs, or Grey’s Anatomy and live vicariously through on-screen doctors, nurses, and hospital techs, you should consider a career in healthcare. For the first time in history, advances in medicine are providing us with cures of which we have only previously dreamed. Now is the perfect time to consider a career in medicine. This class starts your journey by introducing you to disease processes and the basic medical skills needed for all areas of clinical care. If you’re interested in becoming a paramedic, nurse, physical therapist, doctor, or any of the other 200 specialists, this class will give you the head start you need to make your career dream a reality. There is also the opportunity for a certification in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Upon completion of this course, students will be able to respond to catastrophic events as a member of the PPS and Portland Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams and will be trained to manage and coordinate disasters. This is the most advanced level of our urban emergency response program which contains a certification recognized by Multnomah County, State of Oregon, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. This course will be PCC Dual Credit with EMS 100 (pending approval).

    NEW: Health Occupations 5-6 – Wilderness First Aid and Sports Medicine Year: 11 - 12 Prerequisites: Health Occupations, Health Occupations 3-4 1 unit, 1 period
    Breaking news! A father and three children who vanished while on a Christmas tree-cutting trip in the mountains were found alive! After three freezing nights in the wild, the four were rescued from a snowy ravine by a Search and Rescue Team just as another storm was bearing down. You could be one of the members of that rescue team! This class will teach you the necessary skills to become certified in Wilderness Search and Rescue. In addition, this class will enter into exploring the fields of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. Possible areas of study include the history of sports medicine & athletic training, organization and administration of sports medicine, emergency procedures; evaluation and treatment of injuries; therapeutic modalities, nutrition, pharmacology and sports psychology. Related careers include: Paramedic, EMT, Physician, Police Officer, Search & Rescue, Emergency field management. Students may earn Oregon
    Health Authority – Emergency Medical Responder Certification. This course will be PCC Dual Credit with HE 255 (pending approval).

    NEW: Advanced Medicine / Clinical Rotations Year: 12 Prerequisite: Instructor approval. 1 unit, 1 period
    This is a unique opportunity for students who are interested in further exploration of healthcare careers. Your senior year should be about getting out of the traditional classroom setting. See/experience a surgery; spend time in an ER; go on an ambulance ride along; or watch the birth of a baby. This class that will connect you with our local medical community so that you can explore your area of interest alongside the professionals who are caring for real patients. Clinical opportunities are limited and need to have prior approval/arrangement with Mr. Olsen.


  • Physical Education

    The primary goal of physical education is to promote a lifetime of physical health and fitness. Classes are created with a focus on fitness that will enable each student to understand the long–range benefits of a wellness lifestyle. To accomplish this, the P.E. curriculum is designed to offer a variety of lifetime activities that will allow each student to make wise choices for later in life. Students will be introduced to individual, dual, and team sports. Every student will also experience fitness–related activities such as aerobic conditioning and weight training. Advanced training in weight lifting and aerobic conditioning are available to students as an elective.

    Required For Graduation: One year of P.E. is required for graduation. Wilson High School Physical Education standards are in alignment with district, state and national standards for Physical Education. 9th-grade students will take Physical Education 1-2. This is a required course for Freshman. If you are taking a Performing Arts class or two math classes, you can delay PE until later. Specific information on this course is located in the Freshman Courses and Communities section of this Forecast Guide.

    Advanced PE Year: 10 - 12 Prerequisite: Physical Education 1 unit, 1 period
    Students will be exposed to a variety of team sports and lifetime fitness activities. Advanced skills, strategies and team concepts will be covered. Fitness and health activities related to a strong and productive life will also be emphasized.

    Weight Training Year 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Physical Education 1–2 1 unit, 1 period
    A coeducational elective class, this course is for students who have little background in this area but want to begin a strength-training program. Lifting is done on a regular schedule with four core lifts. Workouts are designed for total body development and with a focus on overall fitness improvement. Safety and lifting technique are the main focuses of instruction. Students who want to improve their overall fitness level or athleticism should sign up for this class.

    Weight Training (Women) Year 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Physical Education 1–2 1 unit, 1 period
    A weight training elective class just for women! If you are looking to build lean muscle and burn fat in a supportive environment, this class is for you. All ability levels are encouraged to join in order to improve their own physical well–being. This is a course where students will learn important lifting techniques and safety practices in a fitness environment. Students who want to improve their overall fitness level or train for competitive athletics should sign up for this course.

    Strength & Conditioning Year 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Weight Training and Teacher Permission 1 unit, 1 period
    This class is for advanced lifters or athletes who are serious about strength gains. The focus of this class is on force production, power development, speed, agility and athletic development through the use of four core lifts, olympic lifts and numerous auxiliary exercises. Lifting is done on a regular schedule and grades will be based on physical improvement of four core power lifts and active class participation

    Unified PE - Peer Tutor Year 10-12 Prerequisite - 9th grade PE .5 unit, 1 period
    Do you have a heart for helping others? Would you like an opportunity to exercise in a welcoming and positive environment that is focused on fun and skill development? If so, being a Peer Tutor in a Unified PE class may be for you. Unified Physical Education is a service provided for students with disabilities and gross motor delays. Peer tutors will help students to develop and strengthen their overall physical fitness, as well as their gross motor, object control and loco-motor skills. You will serve the roll as peer, teammate, and coach while providing positive reinforcement and encouragement to your peers. Students that participate in the Unified Sports programs at Wilson are encouraged to enroll in this class.

    Mindfulness courses are offered at Wilson through a partnership with Peace in Schools. Mindfulness programs help young people develop compassion, calm, emotional resilience, and self-awareness. Our programs use mindfulness to alleviate personal and social strife in real-world settings. The self-supportive practices we teach are tools for life. Mindful Studies courses are co-taught by a team made up of Wilson staff and instructors from Peace in Schools.

    Mindfulness: Taking Care of Yourself, Each Other, and the World Year 10 – 12 Prerequisite: None .5 unit, 1 period
    What does it mean to be the master of your own mind? In this class you'll explore that question and learn tools you'll use the rest of your life. We'll learn mindfulness skills to work with stress and strong emotions like anger and anxiety. We'll learn to focus and recharge with meditation. We'll explore the limitations caused by societal norms and conditioning. We'll increase flexibility with mindful movement. We'll create a strong community of people who support each other. Research shows that mindfulness improves focus and supports academic and athletic success. Mindfulness builds self-awareness, kindness, and compassion. It strengthens relationships. It empowers us to begin the process of knowing who we really are. This class (formerly named Mindful Studies) is offered as a community partnership between Portland Public Schools and the nonprofit Peace in Schools. Learn more at
    PE/Yoga Year 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Physical Education 1-2 .5 unit, 1 period
    Keep fit and healthy for life. Learn skills that you can take from the yoga mat and incorporate into daily life. Designed for all fitness levels, this class offers an opportunity for you to improve and/or maintain a high level of fitness while increasing flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. In a safe and supportive environment, we'll learn and practice techniques that help manage stress, increase energy levels and connect with yourself. Build the foundation for your lifelong practice.

    Wilson Dance courses are offered through a partnership with The Portland Ballet in their recently remodeled studios adjacent to the Wilson campus.

    Dance 1 – 2 Year 9 – 12 Prerequisite: None 1 unit, 1 period
    This class is an introductory class to dance and movement. Students will explore contemporary dance, jazz, and ballet. This class aims to give students the building blocks to grow their technique. Learning how to stand correctly, stretch and condition the body, and move through space with intention are all components of this class. Students will be asked to use musicality and creativity to create movement phrases of their own, as well as learning larger phrases from the instructors.

    Dance 3 – 4 Year 9 – 12 Prerequisite: Dance 1–2 or teacher permission 1 unit, 1 period
    This class builds on the concepts covered in Dance 1 – 2. More focus will be directed toward the technique and execution of contemporary and jazz dance. This class will challenge students to use the every bit of space around them and to use their bodies fully. Improvisation will also be introduced at this level. Knowledge of all basic positions of the feet and arms and dance vocabulary is a must. Students will be graded on participation, dressing down, and demonstrating the use of learned dance concepts.

    Dance 5 – 6 Year 9 – 12 Prerequisite: Dance 1 – 2 and Dance 3 – 4 or teacher permission 1 unit, 1 period
    This is an advanced dance class that includes a progressive warm–up followed by across-the- floor and regular phrase work. The class moves at a quick pace and students can expect a demanding workout. Students also can expect to be asked to improv and choreograph as part of this class. Students will be graded on participation, dressing down, and skills tests