• Planning:

    Planning for the 2020 Grad Night Party is well underway! Our hope is that 100% of the class of 2020 will attend. Partial and Full Scholarships are availble. Our #1 priority right now is registration. We need an accurate count of attendees in order to plan effectively for food, number of buses needed, ect. ect. 


    PTA Grad Night 2020 will begin after the Commencement Ceremony on Monday, June 8th and is open to all graduating seniors of the Class of 2020.  The event is a wonderful night of fun activities, prizes, great food, and memories our students will keep for years to come. The graduates will leave on buses from Wilson High School to a secret location and then will be returned back to Wilson High School no later than 6am on June 9th.

    Grad Night 2020 is a drug, alcohol, tobacco and weapon free, all night celebration sponsored by the Wilson High School PTA.

    No harassment of any kind will be tolerated at the event.  Portland Public Schools and Wilson High School PTA recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society.  No discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation will be allowed to occur at the event.

    All students need to register and purchase a ticket (or request a scholarship) to attend Grad Night.

    •  Sign up by March 15, 2020: $95
    • After March 15, 2020: $125

     We would love 100% participation!  Full and partial scholarships are available.  You need to request a scholarship when you register.  More information about scholarships is available when you register.

    WHS Grad Night party overview, here.

    Click here to register for Grad Night

    PTA Grad Night 2020 PTA Direct Online Donation

    Parents or grandparents who would like to donate directly to support the PTA Grad Night 2020 may do so online at  Direct donations will help ensure that all students, regardless of their ability to pay, can attend the event.

    Raffle Prizes at Grad Night

    One of the fun traditions of Grad Night is the Raffle Prize drawings throughout the night! We need parents to help procure items and to donate prizes.  Gift cards and items for post-high-school-life are the most needed items.  For more inforrmation about the Grad Night Raffle or to volunteer, please contact the Raffle Prize Lead, Christina Wiley at

    Boxer Bingo

    Boxer Bingo is another longtime tradition at the Grad Party. It is exactly what it sounds like – graduates play bingo to win and wear fun boxers throughout the night. We need fabric and sewers to make this happen!  If you have fabric to donate or would like to help sew, please contact Boxer Bingo Lead, Patti Henry at

    Senior Slideshow

    Chantal Wright is creating the Senior Slideshow to be used at both the end-of-the-year Senior Assembly as well as at the Grad Night Party. Ideally, we’d love to have at least a baby or childhood photo and one current photo for each student but we’ll take everything in between so start looking for those kindergarten through high school pics (groups or individuals). We want everyone included so please reference names of people in the photos, as well as YOUR contact info (name, phone, email) so we can reach out if we have trouble downloading the photo. Submit photos to by May 15th, 2020.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    There are many ways you can help with Grad Night, both before and at the end of the event. Check the Volunteer Sign Up and sign up today! 

     If you have any additional questions about Grad Night 2020, please email