Wilson Speech and Debate Team

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    •  Impromptu • Dramatic Interpretation • Dual Interpretation •  Oratory •  Poetry  •  Prose •  Radio •  Extemporaneous
    •  Informative •  After Dinner Speaking •  Cross-examination •  Lincoln-Douglas •  Public Forum •  Parliamentary


    Thousands of students are competing, making friends, earning college scholarships, meeting college faculty, seeing campuses, and winning trophies every week across America.

    Speech and Debate is a great team to be part of—come find out why!  



  • How It Works

    Tournaments offer a variety of events covering three basic categories: public address, interpretative reading, and debate. Depending on your interests and talents, compete in any or all of the events over time. Usually, a student will prepare two to three events for a season and sign up to compete at invitational tournaments around Oregon, leading up to the District and State Tournaments in spring.

    The time commitment varies; weekly meetings provide time for planning, practicing, and receiving valuable coaching assistance. Tournaments take place on weekends, and a student does not have to participate at every event. Prior commitment? SAT test? Family activity? Don’t stress, it’s flexible. You can be as involved as your time allows.

    Most tournaments will take place on Saturdays at high schools and will not require overnight stays. Tournaments hosted at colleges are usually two days and we will arrange for your student to be away from class just like athletes with an “away game.”

    “Speech and Debate allows me to confidently speak to diverse audiences while learning more about myself and the world: all while making life long friends from all over the state.” —Ginger Felberg, Senior

    “Debate is life, the rest is prep time.” —Emma Koontz, Senior


    For more information contact Coach Ben Hunter at bhunter1@pps.net

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    Why Join Speech and Debate?

    • Colleges and Universities love us
    • Gain the skills to comfortably and elo-quently speak in public
    • Ability to think on your feet
    • Hone excellent acting and per-forming skills
    • Learn how to perfect the art of arguing
    • Travel to and meet people from all the high schools and colleges in Northern Oregon
    • Have fun at relaxed practices and exciting tournaments
    • Find your voice and share it
    • Learn how to think not what to think