Rosa Parks Uniforms

  • Girl wearing a Rosa Parks uniform

    Rosa Parks’ students are encouraged to discover and respect their own uniqueness as well as that of others in ways that go beyond outward dress.

    At Rosa Parks, the school atmosphere is to be conducive to the best teaching and learning, free from distractions including those caused by inappropriate appearance. At school, students are to be more concerned with their educational growth than with what they and others are wearing. Cleanliness, neatness and appropriate attire are expected of students at all times. Parents are expected to assume the responsibility of implementing the uniform dress code. School uniforms are required for students in all grades. Uniforms are to be worn everyday from the first day of school until the last. 

    There will be a "free dress” day once a month on the first school day of each month. On “free dress” days, students are expected to follow all dress code standards, including proper fit and no inappropriate slogans or logos. Rosa Parks’ uniform clothing may be worn on “free dress” days.

    uniforms are to be worn on field trips as well. Although, some field trips may warrant other appropriate attire and that decision will be made by the teacher and principal.

    When students come to school without their uniform, the Rosa Parks policy is:

    1. First Time: Student will receive a written warning from the teacher which the parents will have to sign and return.
    2. Second Time: Student will call parent, who in turn will have to bring a uniform to school so that the student can change.
    3. Third Time: Student will be sent home by the principal.

    Uniform Dress Code Standards
    Students are allowed to wear any of the listed clothing items in an appropriate manner and proper size.

    Uniform colors are light blue, gold (not yellow), maroon (not red) and navy blue.
    Polo shirts may be in purchased in uniform colors from area retailers or online below.

    • Burlington Coat Factory
    • Goodwill Stores
    • Kohls
    • K-Mart
    • Old Navy
    • Wal-Mart
    • JC Penny

    These items may be purchased by area retailers, but must be a plain, non-patterned navy or khaki color and no denim.

    • Pants or Capri's
    • Waistbands fitted and worn at the waist (above the hipbone).
    • Pants need to be ankle length and no longer than the top of the shoe.
    • Shorts
    • Waistbands fitted and worn at the waist (above the hipbone).
    • Walking short style, no more than 2 inches above the knee and may not be below the knee.
    • Skirts/Skorts
    • No more than 4 inches above the knee.
    • Ankle length skirts are permitted,but must be a plain navy or khaki color.
    • Socks, leggings, stockings and tights
    • Color needs to be a solid navy, black or white.


    • Closed toe
    • Sandals need to have a heel strap
    • Boots are permitted
    • Heels no higher than an inch


    • Coats may not be worn inside the classroom.
    • Hats are to be removed at all times inside the building.
    • Bare waists, bare midriffs, bare backs and low necklines are not permitted.