• Parents/Students can sign up for Individual Conferences beginning at 5pm on Thursday, November 8. There are no sign-ups for Arena Conferences.

    Sign up here beginning November 8.

    Click here for instructions on how to sign up.


    Parent/teacher/student conferences take place Monday and Tuesday, November 19 and 20. At Wilson we hold three types of conferences: Individual Conferences, Arena Conferences and Priority Conferences.

    • Individual Conferences are ten minutes long and take place in the privacy of each teacher’s classroom.  Individual Conferences can be reserved on-line beginning at 5pm November 8 and continuing through November 14 at 9:00pm.
    • Arena Conferences are five minutes long and take place in the gym on November 19 and 20  from 6-8:00pm on a first-come first-served basis.  All of our teachers (except some part-time) will be present. For students who are progressing well in most or all of their classes, the arena venue makes for a fast and convenient way to check in with most teachers. What is lost is the privacy and confidentiality for discussing problems or struggles.
    • Priority Conferences are reserved for a small number of students that we believe can benefit from a team approach. Wilson staff have identified students for Priority Conferences and will contact parents to schedule a time and date (our focus is on 9th-graders, seniors in danger of not graduating and students with IEP’s). Wilson staff will contact parents/guardians to schedule Priority Conferences October 31-November 8.

    We are expecting students to participate in conferences. In high school we expect to see students gradually assuming control of their academic lives. Their presence and active participation in discussing their own progress in classes is part of the process toward becoming self-directed, responsible scholars. If  a parent needs to have a private conversation with a teacher about their child, this is not the purpose of this venue. The Wilson staff can be reached by phone and email throughout the school year, and if necessary, will meet with parents in person to discuss specific matters one-on-one. Our counselors are a great resource for facilitating conversations with teachers about personal matters.


    Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Dates for 2018

    Monday, November 19: 8:15-11:25am
    Priority and Individual Conferences
    Priority and Individual Conferences
    Arena Conferences in the gym
    9th-Grade Community teachers together in Language Arts classrooms
    Tuesday, November 20: 8:15-11:25am
    Priority and Individual Conferences
    Priority and Individual Conferences
    Arena Conferences in the gym

    Parents, please consult Synergy ParentVue/Student Vue and have a discussion with your student about his or her grades before attending conferences. All parents and students have access to Synergy. Parents: If you have logged in before but have forgotten your password, you may reset it on the Synergy login page. If you have never logged in to Synergy, contact Sara Mattheisen in the attendance office for an activation key. Students may manage their password from the Student Login page; username is your PPS email account username. If you are a student and you don't know your username, contact the main office at Wilson.


    • There are no classes November 19-23.
    • Main office will be open on conference days:
      • 7:30 – 11:25am
      • 12:15 – 4:55pm
      • 6:00 – 8:00pm