• Join the Lane M.S. PTA!

    Hello Lane Teachers, Staff, Parents, Families and Community;

    Lane Middle School PTA is still very new and could use YOUR help!! When you join the Lane Middle School PTA for only $10.00 a year, you give yourself a voice in the policy-making that affects your children, the school, and the community. Click here to become a PTA member or contact us at lanepdxpta@gmail.com or come to a meeting. We’re happy to have you!!

    If you’d like to become a Board Member for the 2019 ~ 2020 School Year, email us at lanepdxpta@gmail.com or come to a meeting! We still need to fill the positions of Membership Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator.

    You can also follow us on Facebook at: Lane Middle School PTA  

    Meet your PTA Board Members:

    • Stephanie Nicoletti | President
    • Peche Barteaux | Vice President
    • Monica Fletchner | Treasurer
    • Georgia Potter | Secretary
    • OPEN | Volunteer Coordinator
    • OPEN | Membership Coordinator
    • OPEN | Fundraising Coordinator

    Please join us at the PTA Meetings:

    • Nov 12th
    • Jan 14th
    • Mar 10th
    • Apr 14th 
    • May 12th

    All meetings are held in the library.

    If you have questions or interesting news you'd like to share, please email lanepdxpta@gmail.com

PTA Meeting Agendas

  • This will be updated soon.