Key Information & Reminders

  • HMS Student and Family Handbook 2018-19


    Student Check-Out Procedure for Pre-Planned Appointments, Family Needs, Etc.

            1.     Send a note with your student identifying the time you would like them to be at the office ready to leave.

            2.     Student will show the note to the teacher at the beginning of the appropriate class. Student will notify the teacher when leaving.

            3.     Student will gather their personal items and come to the main office.

            4.     Student or parent will sign out on the clipboard and will then leave the note with the main office.

    This process is an effort to reduce the number of interruptions during classroom instruction. We realize some appointments and family needs cannot be prearranged. We will call for your child to leave when you arrive, or if you are able to call 5-10 minutes before arrival, your student will be waiting in the office.


    Absences & Homework Requests

    If your student will be absent from school, please call the school before 9 AM. Homework requests, starting on the 2nd day of an absence, need to be received before 9 AM and pick-up will be 4 PM. For pre-planned absences, the student must speak with each teacher regarding homework, as the office does not assist in pre-arranging. Thank you.

    HOSFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL 503-916-5640, Report Absence #2, Secretary #0


    Visitors to Building: We’re always glad to see you in the building. When you’re at Hosford, please keep the following in mind to help us keep all of our students safe: Adults may only be present in the school building if they have signed in to the main office and are wearing a visitor badge. Parents waiting for students at the end of the school day should meet their students at the main office or outside the school building. This allows us to ensure we know who is present in the school, and to protect the safety of all of our students. Thank you for your attention to and assistance with this important requirement.


    Traffic Management After School: You may have noticed that pick-up has the potential to be chaotic, as many families drive to retrieve their students. To help make this a smoother time for everyone, please use 28th Place as a one-way street going south only.  You’ll also notice that there are a few street areas near the north end of Hosford that are marked “no parking” – please respect these signs. Our school buses cannot turn the corner if these marked “no parking” areas are occupied. Thank you! Please make an effort to also avoid stopping to drop students at corners, as this blocks both 28th Place and the intersecting cross-streets.


    Student Medications: Any medication must be given to the school nurse for distribution to your student in accordance with a doctor’s prescription – students may not carry any medication, including over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen/aspirin. Our nurse is on site Tuesday, 12:30 – 4:00 PM, and all day Wednesday/Friday.


    ParentVue: You can check your student’s grades through the Hosford MS website by accessing ParentVue. If you need an activation code, please contact our office (503) 916-5640, or email Kristy Carlson.