• Mountain Painting Welcome to Science department!


    Ms. Armgardt

    Ms. Danon

    Mr. Marquardt

    Ms. Van Dam

    Mr. Wadnizak

    Mission Statement 

    Science is a systematic process for acquiring the knowledge essential for comprehending the natural world. It is concerned with investigating and understanding natural phenomena. Science is a way of thinking that includes observing, collecting, manipulating and analyzing data, as well as evaluating and interpreting results. Learning science does not simply involve memorizing facts and formulas. It requires an understanding and investigation of concepts. Learning scientific ways of doing things provides students the methods for constructing knowledge and the criteria for testing and revising their ideas. Understanding the relationship between evidence and theory is critical to learning science. Students learn new ways of inquiring and new ways of arguing a point of view. As classroom teachers, we recognize the need to have practical ideas and activities available to guide students in constructing the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to meet the standards.

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