• Visual Art Education in the arts is one of the fundamental purposes of schooling. The arts are the embodiment of human imagination, the record of human achievement, and the process that distinguishes us as human beings." -- U.S. Department of Education, Goals 2000 Visual and Performing Arts courses are designed to complement Lincoln college preparatory offerings. Each course provides students of varying abilities and learning styles multiple opportunities to think critically, imaginatively and reflectively. Students learn to identify, analyze and solve problems in creative expression using a variety of techniques. Course content includes conceptual and technical knowledge within the context of its history, culture, aesthetics and criticism. This academic approach meets national and Oregon State Standards in the Arts. The College Board reports a significant correlation between arts coursework and higher SAT scores.

    Courses in Visual Art: (For more details about each course check the current course guide.)

    • Draw, Paint, Print 1-2
    • Draw, Paint, Print 3-4/5-6
    • Digital Imagining 
    • Graphic Arts 1-2 
    • Graphic Arts 3-4/5-6
    • Photography 1-2 
    • Photography 3-4 
    • 3-D Design Ceramics 1-2
    • Ceramics and Mixed Media Studio 3-4
    • Ceramics and Mixed Media Studio 5-6/7-8
    • IB Visual Art History SLB & HLB
    • IB Visual Art Studio 5-6/7-8
    • Studio Arts Technician

    Courses in Performing Arts-Theatre

    • Actor’s Workshop
    • Design Workshop
    • Advanced Design Workshop
    • Musical Theatre
    • Intermediate Theatre 3-4
    • Advanced Theatre 5-6
    • Independent Theatre Study
    • IB Theatre SL

    Courses in Performing Arts-Music

    • Orchestra
    • Band
    • Jazz Lab
    • Percussion
    • Concert Choir

    For more details about each course check the current course guide.