General Information for Students

  • Student Handbook

    Read The Student Handbook for all information about CHS such as attendance policy, dress code, expectations, responsibilities and more.

    Student ID Card

    All students are issued a student ID card during registration in August. The card is used to check out textbooks and and is required for admission to sports events and student body dances. Contact the Business Office (Room 207) if a card has been lost or stolen.


    Lockers are provided for student use and students will be held responsible for their condition. Students are issued a locker and lock combination during student registration in August.

    The CHS Bulletin

    The Bulletin is posted every Monday morning for students to view important and useful information information that pertains to students. Daily updates and announcements will be posted on the website's front page (Cleveland School News).

    Bell Schedules

    All Portland Public high schools are now on a full block schedule.  At Cleveland, periods 1-2-3-4 meet on 'A' block day and periods 5-6-7-8 meet on 'B' block day. Check the Events Calendar for the weekly schedule of 'A' and 'B' days. Pay attention to The Bulletin and the Cleveland School News for changes to the schedule.


    Bicycle racks can be found in several locations around campus (behind the gym on 28th, in front of the gym and along the street on SE Franklin, and across the street in the parking lot on SE 26th). Anyone who bikes to school - and we encourage students and staff to do so - should have a secure lock and strong cable to deter thefts.


    Parking is available on the neighborhood streets near Cleveland. Students may not park in the faculty lot across the street. Students however are encouraged to bike or ride the bus.

    Tri-Met Bus Schedules

    Copies of the Tri-Met bus route maps and timetables are available free of charge in the Cleveland Business office, room 207. Currently, monthly bus passes are free. For bus options, visit the bus schedules page in the Student Services section.

    Lunch Options

    Cleveland offers breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. View the CHS Food Service page for menu, prices and other information. Many students bring lunch from home and either eat in the cafeteria or around school, often near their lockers. Because Cleveland has an "open campus policy" students may choose to eat at the various restaurants within walking distance of the school.


    Tickets typically go on sale two weeks before the event. The cost goes up during the second week of ticket sales. Guests from other schools are allowed to attend winter formal and prom, but a Guest Pass must be completed and approved by the Vice Principal's office at least one week before the student will be allowed to purchase a ticket. Dress for most dances is informal except for the formal Senior Prom.