• Grading System

    Students receive letter grades based on their achievement in each class. Grade Point Average (GPA) is determined using a four-point system, rounding each grade to the whole number on the student's transcript.

    Grade Definition Grade Points Given
    A Excellent 4.0
    B Above Average 3.0
    C Average 2.0
    D Minimum Passing Grade 1.0
    F Failing 0

    IB Classes are weighted differently using a five-point scale.

    Other marks may appear on one's transcript but do not effect GPA (except WF):

    Mark Definition
    P Pass
    (credit but not counted in GPA. Must achieve C or above)
    NP No Pass
    WF Withdraw Fail (affects GPA)
    WX Withdraw No Grade
    VC Very Commendable
    S Satisfactory
    U Unsatisfactory
    NG No Grade, No Credit


    Cleveland computes two separate class GPAs and rankings for seniors based on six semesters.

    Unweighted rank and GPA is calculated based on the cumulative GPA of all classes on a four-point scale.

    Weighted rank and GPA is re-calculated with a weighted differential based on a five-point scale for IB classes only.