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  • What you will EXPERIENCE in ARCHITECTURE at Benson Tech


    Design and Documentation

    • Learn the design process used by Architects and other design professionals.
    • Learn the required documentation for a set of plans for approval by local government agencies. Includes site plans, floor plans, elevations, detailed sections.
    • You are introduced to construction terminology and techniques.

    Computer Software Used in the Industry

    • AutoCAD — Used by millions of people in Architecture and Engineering world-wide.
    • Revit – A program used to create a 3D model and construction document for a building design.
    • Sketch-Up – A modeling program used to create presentation drawings for clients. You can download a free version of the program at www.sketchup.com

    Sketching and Rendering Techniques


    • Although a lot of work is done of the computer these days, there are times when a computer is not available while working with clients, out in the field or when an idea spontaneously comes to mind.

    Team Projects and Presentations


    • No one in Architecture works alone. Every project you see under construction was designed by a team of professionals working together.
    • You will work on short and long term projects including the Benson House which could to be constructed by Benson’s Building Construction Major.

    Making Connections & Practical Experience


    • Introduction to industry professionals through guest lectures, field trips and design critics.
    • You will have an opportunity to work with the design professionals assigned to the Benson Remodel project.

    College Credit


    • You can earn between 12 to 20 credit hours from Portland Community College which can be transferred to a PCC program, other colleges and many Oregon universities.