Teacher & Counselor Recommendations

  • Important Information before you begin

    If using The Common Application, it is very important to consider "waiving your right" to have access to letters of recommendation written in support of your application. Colleges prefer this option because they feel that confidentiality allows the writer to be more honest and forthright.

    Teacher Recommendations

    In person, contact the teachers whom you would like to have write your letters of recommendation. Make sure you know how many different letters of recommendation are required for each school you are applying to.

    If a teacher agrees to write you a letter, follow up with an e-mail request. Teachers usually submit letters electronically through MaiaLearning, although some colleges still require that recommendation letters be submitted on paper. Check each college's requirement and confirm specifics with the teachers who are writing your letters. (It is the student's responsibility to supply stamped and addressed envelopes for the teachers who must submit paper letters.) Teacher recommendations should be requested at least 3 weeks ahead of any application deadline.

    Counselor Recommendations:

    Most college applications require a counselor letter of recommendation. Students will set up an appointment with their counselor to discuss this letter. The following steps need to be taken before this meeting:

    Parents To Do

    In MaiaLearning, complete the “Senior Parent/Family Survey" for Counselor Letter of Recommendation. 


    Students To Do

    In MaiaLearning complete the "Senior Student Survey" for Counselor Letter of Recommendation.