• Modified Diploma 

    A modified diploma requires successful completion of the following:
    (a) a modified diploma plan
    (b) 12 credits of study as outlined below, to include the following required credits
    Units of Credit 
    English Language Arts
    Social Sciences (which may include history, civics, geography and
    Economics, including personal finance)
    Health Education
    Physical Education
    Career Technical Education, The Arts or Second Languages (units may be earned in any one or a combination)   1
    Elective Credit (see note "c" below)   12
    Total Required Content Credits   24 

    (c)Twelve (12) credits to meet the need of the individual student's education plan. Of these 12 credits, 9 should be in the areas of school-to-work transition, school-to-life transition, career related learning, or future education.

    (d) Oregon’s Personalized Learning Requirements

                 i. develop a personal education plan and education profile 

                 ii. demonstrate extended application through a collection of eviidence

                iii. demonstrate career-related knowledge and skills