Portland Public School District (PPS) is committed to creating safe and healthy learning environments to support the growth and development of every student.

    Health literacy, the ability to access, understand, appraise, apply and advocate for health information and services in order to maintain or enhance one's own health and the health of others, is a critical component of education in PPS; one that is necessary to build skills and provide functional knowledge for students to be healthy throughout their lives.


    NEW Oregon Health Education Content Standards (2017)


    State Health Laws and Statutes





    Jenny Withycombe, PhD * Program Administrator for Health and Physical Education * 503-916-3615 * jwithycombe@pps.net

    Cheyenne Freeman * Teacher on Special Assignment for Health and Physical Education * 503-916-5384 * cfreeman1@pps.net

    Lexie Zimbelman * Program Manager SAY Wellness Grant * 503-916-3626 * azimbelman@pps.net 

    Vanessa Peña-La Torre * Program Manager HEALTH for K-5 Grant * 503-916-3553 * valatorre1@pps.net 

    Susannah Lightbourne-Maynard * Teacher on Special Assignment for K-5 Health * 503-916-3545 * slightbournemaynard@pps.net