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    General Information
    Official Reading Work Sample Assessments for Essential Skills. 

    • If students have not passed Smarter Balanced or any one of these alternative tests - ACT, PSAT, SAT, PLAN, Compass, ASSET, Work Keys, AP, and IB - they may meet the essential skills requirement by earning a passing score of 12 on two Official Reading Work Sample Assessment.
    • Official Reading Work Sample Assessments require students to read a passage of 1000-2000 words, and write answers to six prompts. Students are encouraged to take margin notes because these notes support their score. Students must score a total of 12/18 points to pass this test. If they have a score of 10 or 11, they have a chance to revise their answers for a new score. Guidelines for revision are included in the PPS "Reading Work Samples Implementation Guide."
    • Completion of the Official Reading Work Sample Assessment is not an easier option; it is an alternative option to Smarter Balanced at the same level of rigor that was required by meeting on OAKS. Students do not have to have a minimum score on Smarter Balanced to take this assessment, but those whose scores are in the "nearly meets" category are the best candidates to be successful.
    • Students on an IEP who are working toward a modified diploma may take a modified reading work sample assessment that is consistent with the requirements of their IEP. Note that unless the student meets specific requirements as written in state OAR 581-022-1130, students should be placed on a modified course of study no sooner than 6th grade or later than 2 years prior to graduation. For more information see Determining Essential Skills Modifications
    • Official Reading Work Sample Assessments must be administered at school, under testing conditions. Students may not submit class work as a substitute.
    • Each high school has a plan to prepare students for success on the assessment, which includes instruction in taking and using margin notes, and teacher feedback on Practice Reading Work Samples.
    Reading Work Sample Entry Sheet

    Additional resources for administration/teachers:
    ODE Reading Essential Skill Assessment

    Please contact ELA TOSA Duncan Carranza (dcarranza@pps.net) if you need additional information.