• A Few Final Thoughts from Mr. Galati

    As I write my final column as the Principal at Llewellyn Elementary, I am filled with love and respect for our parents and for the community surrounding this beautiful school. I say thank you to all of you for the time you’ve given to Llewellyn. I look back on my six years in service here and I have such warm and happy thoughts. Yes there have been struggles, yes there have been challenges, but throughout these times we were able to problem solve issues and see much light at the end of the tunnel.

    As the students who were kindergarteners when I began ready themselves for middle school, I look at all the new chapters opening for our students, families, community, and myself.

    Throughout my life, I have always said that the cup is half full, not half empty. I know that your positive energy will be an invaluable asset to the new leadership. I know that they will benefit as have I from the gracious nature of this community. I know this because I have always felt your love, support, and assistance, even when we didn’t always agree. You have been a blessing to me and I will always be grateful for you.

    Thank you for welcoming me and supporting me. I leave Llewellyn knowing that we have done many wonderful things together and I know that you will continue to set the bar high for future endeavors. I am proud of the achievements of our students. I will miss Llewellyn and our wonderful staff and students.

    Our kids are remarkable stars, our teachers provide the telescope, and you provide the love and support to ensure that Llewellyn continues to produce future leaders.

    Thank you again and know that I will always cherish my time at this incredible school that has such incredible people in it.