• 8th Grade Core Program

  • Language Arts 8 Curriculum: NEW!

    All students take Language Arts 8 and may have it in a block with social studies. Students learn skills to ensure they can read, write and interpret literature at an 8th grade level or higher. It is a creative class where Chromebooks are frequently used and projects are colorful and engaging.

    Text-based materials: Inquiry by Design

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    Digital materials: Newsela Pro

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  • Social Studies 8 Curriculum

    All students take Social Studies 8 and may have it in a block with language arts. Using the TCI History Alive curriculum, It is a lively class where students enhance their literacy skills while learning fascinating facts and deliberating complex issues.

    PPS SS 6-8 Brochure

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  •  Science 8 Curriculum

    All eighth graders take Science 8. The SEPUP curriculum is kits-based and is hands on and relevant. Eight grade science includes Earth & space science only this year. It will be integrated next year.

    Online Science Textbook 

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  • Math 8 Curriculum

    There are two levels of Math 7 and 8, with the regular level called Common Core and the accelerated level called Compacted. Completion of Compacted Year 1 plus Compacted year 2 results in one credit of high school math and includes Algebra. RGMS will determine in grade 6 which students will be in which level of math, and they will continue in that track.

    Math 8 Common Core Resources

    Compacted Year 2 Resources

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