• Welcome to Computer Science 3-4!

    Here is a link to the Syllabus.

    Computer Science 3 - 4 is an introduction to the C++ programming language.  The course has a "recommended" pacing, but many students work through the assigned material and work on independent projects for the remainder of the year.  Students will be introduced to a variety of programming problems with an emphasis on applying mathematics and critical problem solving skills to practical programming activities.  This is an honors course and it is expected students will be well rounded in Geometry and Algebra.

    C++ Homework Grading Guidelines


    Homework in this class falls into two categories: the basic problems on the assignments and the challenge/bonus problems on those assignments.  These are graded on a 70%/30% split.  This means you have complete control over which grade you receive in this class:

    •  If you want to get a C:  Stay on task in class and finish all of the basic problems on the homework.
    •  If you want to get a B:  Stay on task in class and finish all of the basic problems on the homework, plus at least 35% of the challenge/bonus problems.
    • If you want to get an A:  Stay on task in class and finish all of the basic problems on the homework, plus at least 70% of the challenge/bonus problems.  

    For all homework assignments, the program must compile and satisfy the requirements of the problem.  All code should be commented and contain a list of people (if any) that you worked with on the problem.

    Homework Submission Guidelines

    Homework is submitted via email.  Please send completed assignments to cbartlo@pps.net.  It is very important that you format your email according to the following guidelines, if you do not do this there is a chance your homwork will not be counted!  Here is an example.  If you are turning in the first assignment and you are in my 5th period class, the subject should read:

    Subject:  C++ Assignment #1 Period 5 <Your Name>

    Body:  I am submitting problems 1-4.

    Then attach the .cpp files from your project folder that correspond with problems 1-4.



     Assignments will be updated here as they are assigned. 

    Educators: If you are looking for info about our CS curriculum please contact me directly (we've updated quite a lot). The assignments linked on these pages have likely changed (hopefully for the better!).

    Assignment 1: Variables

    Assignment 2: If Statements

    Assignment 3: The Formulas

    Assignment 4: While Loops Part 1

    Assignment 5: While Loops Part 2

    Assignment 6: Tic-Tac-Toe

    Assignment 7: For Loops

    Assignment 8: Intro to Arrays

    Assignment 9: More Array Action!


    Second Semester Assignments (subject to change)

    Assignment 10: Finally Functions!


    Assignment 11: Intro to SFML

    Assignment 12: Barcodes!

     Assignment 13: So Classy!

    SFML Videos can be found here: 

    SFML Setup

    Shapes Part 1 

    Shapes Part 2


    The Final Project: Roll your own!