Seventh Grade Mathematics 2020 -2021


    Teacher:  Kate Sullivan, room 209

    Phone:  503-916-5646 ext.70749 Email:  ksullivan@pps.net


    Welcome to the new school year!  Your student will be studying the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in seventh grade this year.  We will cover the strands of Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.

    Major Topics of the Course:

    Operations with positive and negative rational numbers

    Writing, simplifying and solving expressions, equations and inequalities

    Ratio & Proportions

    Proportional reasoning

    Surface area and volume of three dimensional solids

    Two dimensional geometry


    Statistics-using random sampling to compare and draw inferences about populations


    Curriculum & Supplies:

    Your student will need a quadrille ruled composition notebook.  They will be using this daily and need the graph paper in it. All aynchronous work and classwork will go in this notebook and it becomes an important resource that can be used on assessments.




    • My teacher page on the Mt. Tabor website:  is at www.pps.net/Page/8007  Students and families can access this page for explanations of grading policies, a course syllabus, family resources.
    • Synergy, The district’s web based grading program
    • Canvas. Your student will have a Canvas page for math class that has information about the course, announcements, a class calendar and learning modules. Learning modules have informational pages, links and assignments within them.
    • www.khanacademy.org  This free site offers instruction on just about every mathematical topic via videos.  Very helpful.



    Proficiency Grading

    Proficiency grading involves a shift from grades based on a combination of test scores, attendance, homework completion, extra credit, behavior and other factors to grades based solely on students’ mastery of the Common Core State Standards for their grade level. The proficiency-based approach makes clear what students know and are able to do by measuring academic progress separately from non-academic factors. Homework and extra credit are not calculated into the final grade.

    What Proficiency Grading Looks Like

    Grades on report cards will be marked as Highly Proficient (HP), Proficient (P), Close to Proficient (CP), and Developing Proficiency (DP). A quarterly grade is determined based on the following calculations.


    Final Mark



    Student consistently hits the learning target with a high level of mastery.


    Student consistently hits the learning target.


    Most of the time proficient or nearly proficient.  Student may show some inconsistencies with hitting the target.


    Student does not hit the target regularly.


    I look forward to meeting you at Open House and working with your student.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



    Kate Sullivan