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    Summer / verano
    See you when school starts up again!

    We acknowledge that Glencoe Elementary sits upon traditional land of  the Clackamas, Cowlitz, Chinook and other tribes, some of which are now in the  Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. We want to respect and honor them by taking care of this land. 

    Friendly Reminders:

    What were we doing...
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    Math: Do some math this summer! Don't lose what you've learned.
    Language Arts: Keep writing this summer, so you don't lose what you've learned!
    Foundational Skills/Words their way: Make sure you're spelling words correctly over the summer.
    Science: Think about your world with a "science lens" this summer. Go explore your world as a young scientist!

    Remember: Have a great summer, read-read-read, rest up and be ready for School in the Fall!


    Contact me: You can email me at: rwebster@pps.net. Or reach me via the office, to ring my room (if I'm not with kids) before/after school

    Randy Webster
    --About Me--

    My goal is to bring a slice of the outside world to my students, and help them advance in their education. With more than three decades working in Education, I taught in Minnesota, Oregon, Africa and Central America before coming to Glencoe. This school has a great staff, students who are generally self-motivated to learn, and many supportive parents concerned with student progress and achievement. I spent a decade and a half in 4th grade, moved up to 5th grade for a "bubble year," and then moved back to 4th grade.

    I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching degree from Willamette University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from OSU. I enjoy reading, music (playing guitar, piano and drums) and writing. I have published a fantasy trilogy (The Tarra Tales), which can be found in our school library. My wife is a principal for North Clackamas School District, and we have three children: 1 getting his PhD, 1 working for Doc Martins in their executive office, and 1 at the U. of O. Honors College.