Spaghetti Quake Project

  • Here are some links to sites that will assist you with the project.  When you are writing your background information and use this info, be sure to use proper citation format (see link below to guide you through the citation process). 

    Reid Steel - How to make building more earthquake resistant
    Shorter than the link above, and with easy to understand information, but not with multitude of images to back up content.

    OPB Building Big: Skyscrapers
    This is an interactive site where you can read some great info and look at images, and then take a challenge to build a skyscraper with tools that you've learned.

    Earthquake-Proof Skyscrapers
    This site allows you to learn about a variety of ways to make skyscrapers safer.

    OSLIS Citation Maker
    Use the above website to link to the Oregon School Library Information System to easily cite resources use.

    2015 Spaghetti Quake: Engineering Design Packet - Packet includes design criteria, and has rubric that follows NGSS Engineering Design standards

    Spaghetti Building Engineering Design Report - Describes how to write the report

    Spaghetti Building Photos from 2012
    Click on the link above to take you to the Spaghetti Building Photostream on  From there you can grab the images of your building to include in your report to analyze.


    If you are a teacher and are interested in any additional information such as the insurance certificate or check vouchers, please email me at