• Changing the lives of young men and women of color by providing culturally specific services to develop positive self-identity, restore relationships, prepare for and secure employment, become positive members of society, establish relationships with other community resources/providers and develop leadership skills by mentoring others.

    The I Am Academy Methodology is about Relationship-based mentoring

    • The proposed programing consist of a series of weekly workshops
    • Use of guest speakers to promote successful navigation of the issues and challenges faced by low income , urban youth of color
    • Use of video material to re-enforce positive, socially relevant messages as a means to motivate participants to achieve.
    • Quarterly exposure to local colleges and their respective entrance requirements.
    • Job readiness / Summer employment


    The I AM Academy Format

    • Breakfast Club :pre-school work sessions designed to create a positive school start to the day (Wednesdays)
    • Lunch Study Hall: 45 minute work session to complete assigned homework during school hours.
    • Weekly Individualized Counseling/Strategic Planning sessions to monitor participants weekly direction and commitment 
    • Monthly Literacy Program awards ceremony for participating families.


    Applications are available in the main office. TIAA (The I Am Academy) starts October 17th. 

    Contact Herman Greene

    Emal : hermangreene@gmail.com

    Phone: 503-719-0372




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