• The district have changed the squence and scope, my old stuff here is for reference only. 


    Textbook  CPM Algebra Connections

                                        The Standards

    A0. Prior Knowledge
    A1. Solving Linear Equations
               ● A1a. I can solve linear equations.
               ● A1b. I can manipulate two-­variable equations.
    A2. Linear Functions
               ● A2a. I can model a linear function (in a table, graph, rule & situation).
               ● A2b. I can determine the equation of a line.
    A3. Systems
              ● A3a. I can model systems in multiple ways.
              ● A3b. I can solve systems using algebra.
    A5. Quadratic Functions
            ● A5a. I can rewrite quadratic expressions.
            ● A5b. I can solve quadratic equations.
            ● A5c. I can graph quadratic functions.
            ● A5d. I can model quadratic functions.


     Standard A1    Target 1      Target 2     Target 3

     Standard A2    Target 4     Target 5

     Standard A3    Target 6     Target 7      Target 8

     Standard A5    Target 9      Target 10   Target 11

                           Target 12    Target 13