• The district have changed the squence and scope, my old stuff here is for reference only. 


     Textbook  CPM Algebra Connections

                                        The Standards

    A4. Statistics
             ● A4a. I can determine the line of best fit.
             ● A4b. I can represent one variable data on a scaled number line.
    A6. Inequalities
           ● A6a. I can solve and graph inequalities and represent them in multiple ways.
           ● A6b. I can model inequalities and identify the solution region.
    A7. Exponents & Exponential Functions
          ● A7a. I can apply the properties of exponents.
          ● A7b. I can model exponential functions in multiple ways.
    A8. Sequences &Series
          ● A8a. I can write sequences.
          ● A8b. I can evaluate series.
    A9. Functions
         ● A9a. I can use function notation to evaluate and interpret functions.
        ● A9b. I can determine if a representation is a function and state its domain and range.


     Standard A4   Target 1    Target 2   Target 3

    Standard A6   Target 4    Target 5   

    Standard A7   Target 6    Target 7  Target 8

    Standard A8  Target 9     Target 10  Target 11  

    Standard A9  Target 12