• Scope and Sequence

    Unit 1: Solving Equations & Inequalities

        We want you to come out of this unit being able to solve various equations using various methods.
        The relationships between numbers can be represented in many ways (by equations, inequalities, and systems).

    Unit 2: Parent Graphs & Their Transformations

         Transformed and Parent Equations, verbal descriptions (a, h, and k), graphs, and tables provide insight into the relationship between quantities

    Unit 3: Functions & Their Inverses

        Inverse relationships can be observed in equations, verbal descriptions, graphs and tables

    Unit 4: Logarithms & Exponentials

        We use logarithms to solve for an unknown exponent.   Solve expo-equation 

               desmos link    Exponential curve passing through 2 given points

                                    Logarithmic curve passing through 2 given points


    Downloadable Target  45%

    Unit 1

        Target 1       Target 2       Target 3    

        Test on Unit 1

    Unit 2

      Target 4     Target 5 

        Test on Unit 2

    Unit 3

       Target 6     Target 7    Target 8

         Test on Unit 3

    Unit 4

       Target 9    Target 10   Target 11

         Test on Unit 4


    Final Exam

    End Semester  


     Grading Policy

    Classwork 45%     

    Participation : 5%

    Quizzes / Testes / Exams 50%

    Grading Scale:  Using PPS Total Points (A-F) with D structure

    Above 90% Grade A
    Above 80% B
    Above 70% C
    Above 60% D