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    Scope and Sequence


     Unit 5: Complex Numbers

          Operation properties of the real number system can be extended to situations involving complex numbers

              desmos link    Desmos  Solving Quadratic Equations

     Unit 6: Polynomials & Their Graphs

         Polynomials can be manipulated in much the same way as numbers.

         Students should be able to add, subtract, and multiply polynomials.

         Students should be able to make connections between the zeros , the x - intercepts, and the factors of a function

    Unit 7: Rational Expressions & Their Operations

        Rational expressions can be manipulated in much the same way as numbers.

        Students should be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational expressions (with unlike denominators, if time).

    Unit 8: Trigonometric Functions

          Trigonometric Functions are useful for modeling periodic phenomena

          Students will be able to graph periodic functions while explaining differences in amplitude, midlines, and frequencies

    Unit 9: Statistics

           Data can be gathered, summarized, represented, and analyzed in many different ways


    Downloadable Target  


    Unit 5

    Target 1    Target 2                  Test on Unit 5


    Unit 6

       Target 3   Target 4    Target 5   Test on Unit 6


    Unit 8

    Target  6     Target 7     Target 8  

    Target 9                Test on Unit 8


    Unit 9 

    Target 10    Target 11      Test on Unit 9


    Final Exam 

    End of  Semester


    Grading Policy

    Classwork 45%     
    Participation / Project : 5%
    Quizzes / Testes / Exams 50%

    Grading Scale: Accordingly to district guide with

    Above 90% Grade A
    Above 80% B
    Above 70% C
    Above 60% D