Online Textbook Information

  • Students have individual accounts (created at school) to the Lab-Aids / SEPUP Portal for viewing the online textbooks.  Here is the link to the Portal Login.  Students have their username and password written on the inside of their Science Notebook cover.



AVID Resources

  • Science "Friday Notebook Review" Directions
    This sheet, taped into the front of the Science Notebooks, outlines the procedure that students follow on Fridays to review the last week's worth of information.  Sheet is cut to size to fit into the Notebook without folding.

    Friday Notebook Review Template
    Students complete this form for weekly review and summary.  It can be collected and checked, if desired.  When returned, it is taped into the Notebook.  Sheet is cut to size to fit into the Notebook without folding.

    AVID Binder Checklist
    This form is what students use every Thursday to ensure their AVID binders are organized and ready for success.

Science Notebooks

Beginning of the Year Paperwork

Next Generation Science Standards

  • NGSS 3 DimensionsNGSS Logo

    Next Generation Science Standards
    Here is a link to the NGSS that we'll be transitioning to this year:
    From this page, you can read all about the three dimensions of Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas.