• Camp Fire Before and After School Care


    Camp Fire offers before and after school child care:  5 days a week, PPS late opening days, plus in-service and break days! 

    Much more than just a fun place to hang out, Camp Fire extends the learning day and immerses kids in enriching experiences that are exciting, educational, and helps each child discover their interests, and develop their talents.

    Register on our web site.

    In addition to our regular care packages, we will be offering some special program rate options to serve families who just need a bit of extra coverage on SUN program days until 6pm. Adjustments to our rate sheet are posted on our web site, or available upon request. We also work with the Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) program through DHS, plus offer financial aid on a sliding scale. 

    Information about scholarships for the 2019/20 school year is available here:  https://campfirecolumbia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/BAS-Financial-Aid-Application-2019-20.pdf. Scholarship applications will be accepted and reviewed at 3 dates throughout the year: August 2nd, October 18th, and January 17th. We open a percentage of the total funds available at each date to allow families to access financial assistance as best as possible throughout the school year. We also accept payment through Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) and our registrar is able to assist families through that process.

    Please contact our registrars for more details and/or to get on a mailing list.  


    Morgan Fleming, Site Supervisor at Peninsula Elementary 


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