• Welcome to the FHS Counseling Department!

    Counseling Team

     Our team includes five licensed school counselors, two school psychologists, our counseling secretary, and our attendance and school withdrawls.  We use a collaborative approach, drawing upon the expertise and special interests of our counselors.  Our school counselors wear many hats:

    • academic support and guidance in high school for students and parents
    • crisis counseling and suicide assessment
    • referrals for mental health services
    • scheduling
    • college preparation, search, and application assistance
    • other post-secondary planning
    • referrals to alternative schools
    • college test information and registration assistance
    • credit recovery, online class information, and night/summer school registration
    • schedule changes Schedule Change Request


    2017-18 Senior Fall Presentation!

    Counseling Newsletter  September 2017

    Franklin High School Profile  2017/2018

    Guidance Presentations:

    • Fall Senior Presentation

    School Counselors

    Last Names A-Br all grades
    Danelle Chapman (dchapma1@pps.net, x84358) Danelle Chapman has been a School Counselor in PPS since 2004. She spent 9 years at Lane Middle School and loves to support students through the transition to High School and beyond. She earned her BA from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Masters Degree from Portland State University. In addition to School Counseling, Danelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a certified Yoga teacher for children and teens. When Danelle isn't counseling she enjoys practicing yoga, jogging, and relaxing with friends and family. Please do not hesitate to contact Danelle with any and all questions.


    Last Names Bu-Da all grades

    Maleka Allen (mallen1@pps.net, x


    Last Names De-I all grades
    Alice Headley (aheadley@pps.net, x84356) Alice is our second most senior veteran counselor at FHS. She has a wealth of expertise about the college search and application process, as well as the timeline for pursuing scholarships. Her organizational and time management skills keep our team on point!  Alice is also a resource for LGBTQ issues and a trainer for our suicide prevention program which we launched three years ago.  She graduated from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelors in Education, and then pursued her masters in school counseling at Portland State University.  When she’s not working, Alice is chasing her toddler or new baby, her giant dog, or trying to catch up on sleep.


    Last names J-Ne all grades     
    Sara Goldman (sgoldman@pps.net, x84326)  Ms. Goldman has been with PPS for 6 years and this is her 3rd year at Franklin High School.  She took a long journey through her college education attending several community colleges and universities before graduating with a BA and Master's degree from Portland State University. She is trained in mental health as well as school counseling and is knowledgeable about many community resources available to students and families. When not at Franklin, Sara enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, spending time with her family and friends, and being outdoors. Please feel free to come in and talk to Ms. Goldman! 

     Last Names Ng-Sn all grades
    Holly Vaughn-Edmonds (hvedmonds@pps.net, x84357) Holly is working to develop relationships between Franklin and regional colleges, along with our Career and College Coordinator, Raquel Laiz.  She has two sons in college--thus she has recently lived what she teaches.  After acquiring a BS in business from Bucknell University, Holly pursued a masters in social work from University of California at Berkeley. When not at school, Holly is in the pool, the gym, exploring new places or trying a new recipe.


    Last Names So-Z all grades
    Hoang Tran (htran1@pps.net, x84320) Hoang is our veteran counselor at FHS.  As an immigrant from Vietnam thirty years ago, he offers a lens to the experience of our many first and second generation immigrant students.  He also has a broad knowledge of the community college programs, regional colleges, and military options for graduates.  Hoang also is trained in mental health, and has a daughter in college, so he has undergone the process of preparing a child for postsecondary education.  He graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in social work and later returned for his masters in counseling from City College.

    School Psychologists

    Our school psychologists provide testing and counseling to students, work intensively with our students who have IEPs, and provide assessments and counseling to those students in crisis.

    Deborah Dombrowski

    Administrative Staff

    Counseling Secretary: Sheila Dygert (x84353) Sheila has been at Franklin for 29 years.

    Student Withdrawls: Dorene Jones (x84359) Dorene has  been working for PPS for 33 years.

    College and Career Coordinator: Raquel Laiz  (x84315) Raquel has been our CCC for the last five years. Trained as an attorney in Cuba, Raquel brings both the lens of seeking a high level of professional education as well as the knowledge of the needs of first generation families who seek rich college and/or career options for their children. Raquel has developed relationships with regional financial aid officers at PCC, Mount Hood Community College, Warner Pacific, Linfield College, PSU, and Reed College. She has been pivotal in helping students navigate the FAFSA and access other scholarships for college. In addition, our students take numerous field trips to workplaces like OHSU, Providence, Diamler, Hoffman Construction, ZGF Architecture, Intel, Nike, and Adidas to learn more about careers in these industries.

    Counseling office fax: 503-916-2456