• Welcome to the FHS Counseling Department!

    Counseling Team

    Our team includes six licensed school counselors, two school psychologists, our counseling secretaries, and our College and Career Coordinators.  We use a collaborative approach, drawing upon the expertise and special interests of our counselors. 


    Our school counselors wear many hats:

    • academic support and guidance 
    • crisis counseling and suicide assessment
    • personal/emotional support and/or referrals
    • referrals for mental health services
    • forecasting and class scheduling 
    • post-secondary planning
    • college preparation, search, and application assistance
    • referrals to alternative schools
    • college admissions test information and registration assistance
    • credit recovery, and night/summer school registration
    • collaboration with support staff and participation in teams to support all students
    • classroom guidance and grade-level presentations 


    School Counselors:

    (caseloads are according to students' last names) 


    Last names A - Com 

    Javier Huerta (jhuerta@pps.net x84356) 


    Last Names Con - Hal 

    Maleka Allen (mallen1@pps.net x84375)


    Last Names Ham – Log

    Holly Vaughn-Edmonds (hvedmonds@pps.net x84357)


    Last names Loh - O  

    Jessica Natonick (jnatonick@pps.net x84320)

    Last names P - Sn  

    Tearale Triplett (ttriplett@pps.netx84326)   


    Last Names So-Z 

    Shamai Larsen  (slarsen1@pps.net x84310)

    School Psychologists:

    Our school psychologists provide educational testing and counseling to students, work intensively with our students who receive Special Education Services, and provide assessments and counseling to those students in crisis.

    Deborah Dombrowski  (ddombrowski@pps.net  x84361)

    Deborah came to school psychology after working, as a photographer and a writer, with youth-at-risk. She has been a school psych at Franklin  High School for four years, and worked in Beaverton and Sandy before that. Deborah sees adolescence as a time of unique possibility, and enjoys helping students navigate both the academic and personal challenges that are a part of these years. She is especially interested in the discoveries coming out of neuroscience explaining how our brains work, and how we affect one another. When Deborah's not at school she loves hanging out with her family, and photographing, biking, and writing.

    Megan Moyer (mmoyer@pps.net  x84355)

    Megan has been with PPS since 2009, and worked for the Eugene School District for three years before joining PPS, and is Nationally Certified. As a school psychologist, degrees to support children and families range from ages birth to 21 years and Megan has experience across all ages. Megan came to Franklin HS after working with the Wilson HS team for eight years and has a passion for supporting students and families’ visions and goals. Megan has a heart for persisting and creating opportunities for students to be their best selves. When not in school, Megan spends time with her family, loves being outdoors, learning new things. 

    Career Coordinator:

    Martin Rodriguez (mrodriguez5@pps.net x84315) 


    College Coordinator:

    Regina Stanton (rstanton@pps.net (503) 310-6418)

    School Social Workers: 

    Quan Nguyen (qnguyen1@pps.net cell 971-413-9881)

    • Hours: In-Person Support @ FHS Thurs-Fri 12:30-4:00 Asynch. Support Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00

    Jed McClean (jmcclean1@pps.net cell: 503-729-1626 / google voice 971-319-4087)

    • Hours: In-Person Support @ FHS Mon-Tues 12:30-4:30 Asynch. Support Wed-Fri 12:30-4:30

    Administrative Staff: 

    Counseling Secretary: Sheila Dygert (x84353) sdygert@pps.net 

    Counseling Secretary: Sorena Dibble (x84359) sdibble@pps.net

    Counseling office fax: 503-916-2456