• Welcome to Franklin's College and Career Center

    The College and Career Center (in room B-6) supports students as they pursue their post-high school goals. The career coordinator, counselors, teachers, and SUN staff work together to meet the varied needs of our student body.

    Students can receive assistance with:

    • College searches
    • Meeting with college admissions staff
    • Accessing financial aid and scholarship information
    • Field trips to diverse work environments
    • Internships and employment opportunities
    The CCC welcomes volunteers! Contact Martin Rodriguez at 503-916-5140, x 84315. (All volunteers receive training before working with students.)
    Paying for CollegeCrucial Parts of Financial Aid including how to complete the FAFSA/ORSAA
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     College Search and Application


    College and Career Planning guides to help you navigate the college and career planning process, from start to finish. 

    Countless websites and books, phone applications, and highly paid consultants provide students with a wealth of information. Considering all these resources can feel overwhelming. We suggest keeping it simple.

    • Consider variables that are important to you (examples: cost, location, size, focus, gender mix, social climate of school, diversity of student body geographically, racially, economically).
    • Devote some time to reading (as opposed to skimming) websites. Most have multiple pages of valuable information.
    • Read a couple college guidebooks. The FISKE Guide to Colleges and the Princeton Review are two.
    • Attend an informational session in the CCC.
    • Create a list of up to 15 schools for your first cut. Your list should include:
      * a few "reach" schools--ones that may not admit you based on your SAT/ACT scores and GPA
      * a larger number of schools that are likely to admit you
      * a few "safety" schools you know will admit you
    • Visit some local/regional colleges to compare size and campus culture. Visit the schools that interest you most, if possible.
    • Narrow your list to ten or less schools by the fall of your senior year.
    • Talk with other students and parents who have been through the process. They can give you tips!
    • Check out the lists of other helpful resources listed below.
    • Contact us with any remaining questions. 

    Seniors we have several checklists available to help you navigate your senior year!

    1. For a general Senior Year checklist, that includes important dates, click here.
    2. For a College Application checklist that outlines the technology steps of your applications, click here.
    3. To request a letter of recommendation from your counselor, you will need to complete this brag sheet (make a copy for yourself to fill out!). Make sure you follow the steps in your College Application Checklist for requesting a letter and other necessary application documents
    4. Navigating the FAFSA/ORSAA financial aid applications can be overwhelming for students that are new to the process. We offer several in-school and/or evening events to help students and families with this process, so be sure to check your email regularly for event notifications. We compiled the most commonly asked questions into a document to help students and families with their FAFSA/ORSAA. Click here.


    College Preparation Resources