• Welcome to Franklin's College and Career Center

    The College and Career Center (in room B-6) supports students as they pursue their post-high school goals. The career coordinator, counselors, teachers, and SUN staff work together to meet the varied needs of our student body.

    Students can receive assistance with:

    • College searches
    • Meeting with college admissions staff
    • Accessing financial aid and scholarship information
    • Field trips to diverse work environments
    • Internships and employment opportunities
    The CCC welcomes volunteers! Contact Martin Rodriguez at 503-916-5140, x 84315. (All volunteers receive training before working with students.)

     College Search and Application

    Countless websites and books, phone applications, and highly paid consultants provide students with a wealth of information. Considering all these resources can feel overwhelming. We suggest keeping it simple.

    • Do a few college searches through Naviance and the websites listed below.
    • Consider variables that are important to you (examples: cost, location, size, focus, gender mix, social climate of school, diversity of student body geographically, racially, economically).
    • Devote some time to reading (as opposed to skimming) websites. Most have multiple pages of valuable information.
    • Read a couple college guidebooks. The FISKE Guide to Colleges and the Princeton Review are two.
    • Attend an informational session in the CCC.
    • Create a list of up to 15 schools for your first cut. Your list should include:
      * a few "reach" schools--ones that may not admit you based on your SAT/ACT scores and GPA
      * a larger number of schools that are likely to admit you
      * a few "safety" schools you know will admit you
    • Visit some local/regional colleges to compare size and campus culture. Visit the schools that interest you most, if possible.
    • Narrow your list to ten or less schools by the fall of your senior year.
    • Talk with other students and parents who have been through the process. They can give you tips!
    • Check out the lists of other helpful resources listed below.
    • Contact us with any remaining questions. 

    Seniors we have several checklists available to help you navigate your senior year!

    For a general Senior Year checklist, that includes important dates, click here

    For a College Application checklist that outlines the technology steps of your applications, click here

    Reminder, for letters of recommendation, you will need to complete a brag sheet, available through Naviance. See the Naviance tab for guidance on using Naviance. You must also have two (2) teachers complete a Teacher Evaluation Feedback form, to be returned to your counselor. This form is a google doc to be shared with your teachers, which is available here.

    College Preparation Resources