April 6-10th Distance Learning Weekly Calendar


    • Our hope by running a schedule will provide students and staff set opportunities to have a routine, engage with course work and continue social connection through academic conversation.
    • Our proposed schedule will provide structure yet also flexibility to accommodate the unique situation we are in with our extended building closure.
    • Our hope is to reduce anxiety associated with any new experience, and provide a structure by which students, staff, and parents can operate on one accord.

    Please Note: This schedule is ONLY specific to Franklin HS for next week as we move forward to best support our students and staff through distance learning. We anticipate the district providing a new schedule in the upcoming week for April 13 and beyond.

    April 6 - 10th 

    Next week as a school we will focus on the following:

    1. Checking in with kids - How are they doing, do they have technology, are they using their Gmail account, are there other needs that they have? 
    2. Allowing teachers more time to plan, practice using technology and getting set up.
    3. Provide if necessary any Quarter 3 clean up opportunities for students. Possibly provide other chances for students to demonstrate their ability from content previously taught.
    4. Provide supplemental learning opportunities, allowing students to practice and use technology and become more comfortable with distance learning.


    Student Schedule







    8:15am - 8:50am

    Coursework - Student Choice 


    Period 1

    Period 3

    Period 5

    Period 7

    Tutorials/Office Hours

    10:10am -11:10am

    Period 2

    Period 4

    Period 6

    Period 8

    Tutorials/Office Hours

    What to Expect:

    • Teachers will provide both asynchronous (independent) and synchronous (collective) instruction and learning opportunities.
    • Only during the assigned class periods will teachers host synchronous class sessions in Google Meets

    We want to prevent students from being asked by teachers to be a part of different meetings/sessions, where content is being presented, that could be at the same time. Students are asked to follow the schedule as they would in a normal school setting.

    • Teachers are also NOT required to host Google Meets (online sessions) during those periods, if they do they will host during these times for these periods.  
    • Teachers/Staff may also hold office hour check-in sessions with students using Google Meets on Friday Tutorial and after 11:20am. Students may be asked to be invited to other sessions, and therefore students will make the choice of where to attend; similar to how tutorials and after school works.
    • We are not taking official attendance, but will keep notes on which students we are not engaging in an effort to check in them and their well being.
    • Attendance to all sessions is highly encouraged to continue learning and connection to peers and staff for students. 
    • Students are expected to follow the guidelines found in the  Franklin High School Distance Learning Behavior Expectations


    Friday Tutorials

    During tutorial times, students could be:

    • Working on teacher assigned assignments/projects
    • Participating in a virtual check-ins with a teacher or staff member
    • Virtually attending office hours with teachers
    • Collaborate with classmates on classwork virtually


    April 6-10 Distance Learning Definitions & Details


    Distance Learning April 6-10

    Definitions & Details 

    Distance Learning 

    This phase of learning will be formative, supplemental, and built around making connections to learning targets taught before March 13th. Students can go back and make up missed work, incomplete assignments and possibly recover credit.


    Feedback given by the teacher that supports learning and builds on the individual student’s work and learning gaps.


    Information presented that builds on prior learning that is not graded. Do know that students cannot be academically harmed during the remote learning process


    Instruction and learning that is independent, on the student’s own time. Learning can happen at any point in time.


    Instruction and learning are collaborative and may be collective. Teachers will have either whole class meetings, send out videos to watch, or set up conversations with students Google hangouts/meet.

    Credit Recovery

    Credit Recovery is being defined by each teacher, as instruction and individual student needs look different across the building. Students will be able to fill gaps and recover credit as we move through this process. 

    Office Hours

    Students will be able to interact with teachers via email, Google applications including: Google Meet, Google Voice, or Google Classroom.


    Library News:

    Multnomah County Library Digital Collection–  audio books, ebooks, movies, databases. See  All the things you can do with your library card remotely Don’t have an MCL card?– get one instantly during  Covid Crisis . See also ALWAYS AVAILABLE AUDIO BOOKS

    National Emergency Library– the Internet Archive-a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more-opened a digital collection of 1.4 million ebooks until June 30th, or the end of the national emergency. See also Copyright Exceptions During Covid School Closures

    TeenBookCloud– fiction and nonfiction ebooks and audio books- free and available for pps using this link

    SORA— PPS subscription to 550+ ebooks and audio books, which change periodically. No checkout required, can be used by any number of patrons at one time, and available on any device. Use link above or download the app.Once downloaded open the app. Click “I have a setup code” at the bottom and type “ppsor” in the box. Click “Get Started” and then click on “Sign in using Portland School District 1J”. Click on google sign in – students and instructional staff log in using their PPS email (must include @student.pps.net / @pps.net )

    SYNC Audiobooks for Teens– free audio downloads available from  April- August. You get to keep the books forever but each book only has a 2 week window for downloading. Books this season include 57 Bus and Kindred and Mexican Whiteboy. Check out full schedule and list of titles at SYNC

    PPS Extended Break Home Learning Resources Learning Opportunities you can participate in remotely!

    Digital resources for all age groups  including some great virtual field trips, open access college courses, Teen Book Cloud and more.

    Info about Infinity Hotspots for our kiddos without internet access– If you need internet, check this out

    No notices for now: PPS Libraries will not be requiring renewals or charge late fees for anything overdue during the crisis. Stay tuned regarding how/when to return books, novel sets, textbooks.

    FHS Poetry Slam  If you registered for the slam- check email and join the Slam Google Classroom . FHS Slam is being rescheduled and may be virtual. Verselandia is currently scheduled for May 26 and may be virtual. More info soon. Write some poems during this strange strange time.

    Community News:

    NAMI Multnomah is pleased to announce that our Spring 2020 NAMI Basics class will be available online

    Please note that registration is required: call us at 503-228-5692. NAMI Basics is a free, six-week educational course for parents and caregivers of children/adolescents (ages 0-18) with mental health and behavioral challenges. This program is peer-led, taught by trained teachers who themselves have similar lived experiences with their own children. Check out our flyer for more information on this program.

    Dates: April 13 - May 18, 2020

    Schedule: Mondays, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Register by calling: 503-228-5692

    NAMI Multnomah's Parent Support Group is now available online! Open to any parents or caregivers of children/adolescents with mental health and behavioral barriers

    Join us: Wednesdays, 4:00 PM- 5:30 PM

    Please contact Dana at 503-501-2367 with questions and to register.


    Athletics News:

    Wrestling Team captain chosen for Rose Festival Court:  Senior Doré Young will represent Franklin High School on the 2020 Rose Festival Court, the festival announced after a video-conference ceremony Wednesday. The daughter of Rosalie Homan and Adam Young, Doré Young is captain of Franklin’s wrestling team. She also competes in Olympic-style weightlifting with her father, according to a news release from the festival. She was born in Portland and hopes to become a middle or high school science teacher.


    Spring sports information is updated in familyid.

    Spring sports contact information:


    Jacob Michaels




    Gina Aman




    Andy Berger



    Men’s Tennis

    Ben Doan



    Women’s Tennis

    Dana Miller



    Men’s Golf

    Tim Itami



    Women’s Golf

    Mike Niece


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