Student Resources

  • Web Based Programs

    Online References

    Facts, Dates, Maps, Definitions, and More:

    Online atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. Students can check out World News, People of Interest, U.S. resources, science and math resources, and more.

    Yahooligan’s reference library offers students The American Heritage Dictionary, Columbia Encyclopedia, World Factbook, World Almanac For Kids, Roget’s Thesaurus, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, and a Conversion Calculator. This site also has a great search engine for educational topics.

    Search for It:

    Keyword Search Engines, Specialized Search Engines such as Encyclopedia Online, Magellan, Landforms, Discovery Channel, History Channel and more, and Other Reference Sites such as the Internet Public Library, Online Thesaurus, Word Book Online, The Library Spot, and more. A wonderful starting point for research!

    Health & Fitness

    Kids Health:

    Kids Health gives students all they need to know about their health and fitness. Links help students deal with feelings, stay healthy, learn about everyday illnesses and injuries, learning about their bodies, growing up, and even more.

    Mind and Body:

    BBC brings fun and interactive body and mind links to fourth and fifth grade students. Take an interactive tour of the human body, learn detailed facts, find out how to look after your body, or explore the mind.

    Fire Safety:

    Fire Safety for kids of all ages. This sites offers students the facts about fires as well as fire safety tips, games, puzzles, and lots of cool links.

    Food Pyramid:

    Students can check out the Food Pyramid at this cool site. Drag foods to their spot on the pyramid and learn about your health and the foods your body needs.


    Students can explore the world of nutrition and health through this interactive virtual world. Students can play fun games and complete activities, feed the MONSTER, Check recipes, and learn everything you need to know about health and nutrition.


    State Writing:

    The Oregon Department of Education provides this site for students who would like to see examples of other student’s writing and the scores and comments they received. Examples are given for the entire range of scores.

    Sample Tests:

    The Oregon Department of Education offers students sample tests that can be printed out home or school. The sample tests explain the purposes, give tips and advice for good test taking, and provides the actual test. Tests include math, reading, science, social studies, writing, speaking, and math problem solving. Most tests are available in English, Spanish, and Russian as well.

    Testing Tips:

    The Classroom allows offers students test taking tips for a variety of test types such as Essay Tests, Reading Tests, Study Techniques, Dealing With Test Anxiety, and much more.