• Hello George Middle School Teachers, Staff, Parents, Neighbors and Families! 
    The George Middle School PTA is up and running! This is a very exciting time for us! We need YOUR help!!. When you join the George Middle School PTA for only $10.00 a year, you give yourself a voice in the policy-making that affects your children, the school, and our communities. Click  to become a PTA member.  

    PTA Meetings/Juntas de  PTA

    September 12th          February 13

    October 10                 March 13

    November 14              April 10

    December 12               May 8

    January 9


    Dinner at 5:30, meeting 6-7:30 pm in the George library.

    Dinner, childcare, and interpretation services provided.

    Please notify us if you need an interpreter in another language.

    Cena será a las 5:30 pm, la junta será de 6-7:30 pm en la bilbioteca de George.

    Se proveerá cena, cuidado de niños y traductores.



    Sept 24 and March 14 are our dates for the PTA Clothing Center. For more information, please see.

    Estos son los dias que puede ir a escoger alguna ropa para sus niños/as



    The PTA Website is https://georgepta.weebly.com/


    Thank you!!!