Mandarin Immersion

  • Click below for videos describing the Mandarin program at MLK Jr. School.  

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    MLK Jr. School is proud to be a Mandarin Immersion School.  Our pioneer class is now in 3rd grade.  Our team consists of four full-time Mandarin teachers who work with their English only teaching partners to bring the immersion experience to our students.  We will run this program through 8th grade.  Students in the Immersion program receive Mandarin instruction for half the day and English instruction the other half of the day. Students in the English only program remain with their English teacher all day. We have a thriving non-immersion program for students as well and these two programs work together to ensure that at MLK Jr. School we are all one community with shared values.  We welcome all families to come find out more about what MLK Jr. School has to offer both Mandarin Immersion and our English only program.