• Assignments in Google classrooms begin April 13th for Math and Language Arts.  All other classes begin on April 27th.

    Teachers have created Google classrooms for all of their classes. This will be the online site where all students will receive instruction, their assignments and feedback from their teachers. In order to provide access to all students, there will not be live, online classes that students have to attend. Assignments are posted to support the continued learning needs of all students. Students will not be penalized for missing assignments. All classes will offer learning activities that students can do at their own speed. Math and Language Arts classes will begin to offer lessons in new content this starting tomorrow. In two weeks, all other classes will  begin to offer teacher-led lessons introducing new learning. More information about Google Classroom can be found here.

    Office Hours

    All teachers will offer a 30 minute “office hour” twice a week for their students. These are online meetings that students can attend if they choose. In these meetings students are able to ask questions, get help from their teacher and interact with their classmates. No new learning will be presented in these meetings. All new learning will be presented through the assignments made in Google Classroom. Your student should check the posted office hours in each Google Classroom. The graphic here gives you a general idea of when they are held.  

    Advisory Check Ins

    Teachers will also be contacting you and your students on a weekly basis, just to check in and connect. These brief conversations are another way that we will stay in touch and listen for any needs or questions that your student may have. Staff will use the app “Remind” to contact you and your student. 

    Student Gmail is Activated

    In order to help facilitate communications between our teachers and students, PPS has enabled a PPS specific email for students in grades 4-8. These email accounts have protections enabled and will only allow students to send and receive email from PPS email accounts. This includes students and staff at PPS.

    Students can now access their email by going to mail.google.com and signing in with their PPS student username (studentusername@student.pps.net) and password.  Please note that students will still use the student.pps.net suffix. Typing gmail.com will not work. 

    These accounts will make it possible for students to be notified of activity in their Google Classrooms.

    Website for Lane Students is Live

    Staff at Lane have developed a website for our students. We will be updating this site regularly and will focus on fun activities, news and assistance. Click here to visit the site. The site address is https://sites.google.com/pps.net/lane-middle-school/ Please have your students note this address and check in on Friday to see videos from their teachers!