• Planning for Fall 2020

    On this page you can access all the resources you need to get ready for next year. We will be adding to this page as we go, and sending info about new postings, so you may want to bookmark it now!


    Thank you for your submission. We will do our best to create a schedule that best supports your student at da Vinci.

    Please make sure to send the following link to your child's 5th grade teacher so we can incorporate their feedback as well.

    2016-17 da Vinci Forecasting!

    Hello da Vinci 2016-17 Families
    It's that time of year - da Vinci Family Forecasting!
    RETURNING students, the forecasting form is DUE Monday, May 16 by 11:30 am
    NEW students, the forecasting form is DUE Monday, May 23 by 11:30 am
    (families enrolled after May 23, please submit as soon as possible)

    Forecasting Forms and Materials
    Click on the links below to:


    1. Use the 2016-17 Arts Options Descriptions pdf file to get an overview of the 1617 Arts offerings
    2. Complete your Online Forecasting Form
      Online form guides you through only those items necessary for your student! or copy this url into your preferred browser:
    3. Families of ALL NEW 2016-17 da Vinci Students
      Please ask a recent academic teacher to visit this page to link directly to this brief Sending-Teacher-Survey or supply them with this url
      http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2763384/da-Vinci-Sending-Teacher-Survey1617 to paste into their preferred browser


    ALL 2016-17 da Vinci Families
    Please click below to supply your info for the 16-17 dV Family Directory and Community Collaboration Resource databases!
    2016-17 dV Community Communication & Collaboration Survey!
    Awesome Family Collaborators will begin working on these to be shared with our families as early as possible.
    Carpool List due date: June 10 / Family Directory due date: September 9
    Link not working for you? Type this URL into your preferred browser to get to this SurveyGizmo form:

    2016-17 School Supply Info
    Information from teachers about next year's recommended school supplies is being collected and collated, and will be shared on this page as soon as possible.

    Online Form Challenges?
    Technical Difficulties? Need to make changes? Translation? Paper Copies?
    Please call or email assistant principal Alicia McMillen at the school, amcmillen@pps.net, so she can coordinate the support you need!

    Want to dip a Forecasting toe before you start the form?
    Below are the directions from the first page of the online SurveyGizmo form we created 
    Forecasting for da Vinci 2016-17

    Read them here, so you can just hit the NEXT button on the first page once you go online!


    Hello da Vinci 2016-17 Families
    It's that time of year - da Vinci Family Forecasting!

    RETURNING students, this forecasting form is DUE Monday, May 16 by 11:30 am
    NEW students, this forecasting form is DUE Monday, May 23 by 11:30 am
    (Families enrolled after May 23, please complete as soon as possible & email
    the team listed below to let us know that it's in!)

    Dear da Vinci 2016-17 Families,

    At da Vinci we work diligently to place each and all of our students into a schedule that meets their needs, reflects their preferences, and positions them for success at da Vinci. The feedback your family provides through this forecasting process each year helps us create a strong schedule for every student, aimed at providing the best possible educational opportunity we can. Family input in this process is crucial!

    Again this year, we are asking da Vinci families to help us conserve costs and preserve trees!

    We've developed this electronic forecasting process for the two above awesome reasons and in an effort to make the massive amount of critical student scheduling information more manageable. As we individually schedule all of our students, we often need to sort information (ex. students who like Explore Guitar, students placed in Dance 3, students who need Compacted Math Year 2); it is much easier for us to do this electronically. When we have to sort by hand, more mistakes can be made, and the information isn't easily available to everyone involved in the scheduling work.


    It's a good idea for families to review this 2016-17 Arts Options Descriptions sheet first (linked here, available on the Planning for Fall 2016 school webpage, and paper copies in the Main Office) and then talk together about your thinking for your upcoming year at da Vinci before starting the form. There will be item questions for both arts and academic courses. 


    RETURNING students, PLEASE SUBMIT BY Monday morning May 16
    NEW students, PLEASE SUBMIT BY Monday morning May 23

    Submit a forecasting form for EACH 2016-17 da Vinci student in your family, and make sure that a parent or guardian has completed their sections and 'signed off' on all of the information. Remember that student preferences and information should reflect a student's passions, interests, and habits as a learner to support us in achieving our goal of creating individualized schedules that provide the best fit for each of our almost 470 individual students with balanced class sizes! 

    Online Form Tips

    This form is smart-phone-and-tablet-accessible so you can use whatever device works best for you.Families can use the Save and Continue function if you need to leave and return to the form later (you'll get an email from SurveyGizmo with a code to get back in if you select this option from the top of each form page.) When using this online form, be sure to use the scroll bars to navigate within questions - using arrow keys instead can mark a different answer choice without your noticing it! Families can alsoreview and print a copy of their responses after they finish the form.

    Online Form Troubles?

    If you experience technical difficulties with the form, want to make a change after you have submitted the form, need specific support such as language translation, or if completing the form online doesn't work for your family, please call or email assistant principal Alicia McMillen at the school (contact info below) so she can coordinate the support you need : )

    The sooner we get everyone's information, the better!

    You are more than welcome to submit your online or paper form at any time before your due date, and we strongly encourage your family to do so at your earliest convenience. If you need further information to submit your materials, please send an email message with a Subject Line that starts with 'Forecasting Info' and your student's name to both: Assistant Principal Alicia McMillen (amcmillen@pps.net) and Counselor Katie Loewen (kloewen@pps.net) or call the Main Office at 503.916.5356 to leave a message in one of our voicemail-boxes, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.