• Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 4/16/2021

    April 16, 2021

    Dear Families,

    The second full week of Hybrid was a success.  Students are adjusting to new schedules (a bit harder for the folks in the AM cohort) and routines, and we are beginning to get into a new rhythm.  I have been enjoying visiting classrooms and seeing lots of great work taking place across all our classrooms.  From heart words and skip counting in kindergarten, to opinion pieces on school uniforms and fractions in 5th grade, students are diving into literacy and math.  Students are also tapping into their creative side and are spending time connecting with their classmates.  

    Student Quarantining:  In the last week, there have been a handful of situations where a student has been required to quarantine.  If a child tests positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact to someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 (either at school or outside of school) students may be required to quarantine as per Multnomah County Health guidelines.  The length of the quarantine will be determined by County Health staff and families will be alerted with those details.  During this quarantine period students will stay with their assigned teacher and will continue to complete asynchronous assignments.  There may be some situations where students temporarily shift into CDL.  Students will not be shifted into CDL when going on vacation.  Please contact Principal Matt Goldstein if you have any questions or need additional clarification.

    Progress Reports:  Progress Reports for Quarter 3 are being sent home (or in the mail) today.  Please take a few minutes to review this information with your child.  As with previous progress reports this year, please know that some areas will be left blank as teachers have either not covered that standard yet or they have not been able to gather sufficient evidence to accurately report to students and families.  If you have any questions about your child’s report, please reach out directly to your child’s teacher.

    Connect to Kindergarten:  Our annual Connect to Kindergarten is scheduled for Thursday, April 22nd from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.  The event is virtual. Join the meeting by following this LINK.  If you have neighbors, family, or friends who have an incoming kindergartener, please spread the word.

    Sellwood 5K for Schools:  Lace up your running shoes and get ready to support the Duniway PTA this May! Register now for the Sellwood 5K for Schools, a virtual run, walk, stroll, taking place May 22nd-29th. The Sellwood 5K is a combined effort put together by Duniway, Sellwood Middle School, Lewis & Llewellyn Elementary Schools. The proceeds will be split equally among the four schools. Because this is a virtual event, friends and family from out of the area can join too. This year the 5K will be taking the place of the Duniway Fund Run and the PTA is asking for your support in spreading the word. Each registration receives 10% off at Foot Traffic in Sellwood and is entered into a drawing for a $500 prize from Sellwood Cycle! Register before May 3rd to get your custom Sellwood 5K t-shirt. Registration costs and details can be found HERE.

    Oregon Battle of the Books:  Congratulations to this year's OBOB winners, the Book Burgers-Sydney Hamel, Elena Perhac, Lila Villagrán-Gusick, and Thea Young. We had 19 teams compete this year, and the entire event was run virtually. While it was not our typical OBOB competition, all the teams did amazing and we are so proud of everyone. For readers eager to start on next year's book, here is the link: https://www.oregonbattleofthebooks.org/2021-2022-obob-title-lists/.  Again, congratulations to the Book Burgers and all the OBOB teams at Duniway. Erin Black-Mitchell and Meryl Riddle; OBOB Co-chairs

     I hope everyone is able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Be well and we will see you next week!


    Matt Goldstein

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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 4/9/2021

    April 9, 2021

    Dear Families,

    It has been super exciting to welcome back all our students during the first full week of hybrid instruction.  We have a total of about 360 students who are now coming into Duniway for in-person instruction and about 90 students who are continuing with distance learning.  All teachers, staff, and students have been busy getting to know their “new” class, adjusting to new routines, and reconnecting with the Duniway community.  None of this would have been possible without the support of our staff and our families - thank you again for your patience, support, and commitment to Duniway and to Public Education.

    Hybrid:  The arrival/dismissal times have been going well and students are doing an excellent job wearing masks, staying distanced, and following other important guidelines.  Thank you for arriving at just the right time (7:55 or 12:10) and for remembering to return a couple hours later to collect your sweet children.   We will continue to monitor how things are going and will make any necessary changes in the coming days/weeks.

    COVID-19 Safety Protocols:  Please take a few minutes to REVIEW THIS IMPORTANT NOTE from our School Nurse Shannon and our Student Health Assistant Adrienne which details some of the latest information regarding steps being taken by PPS and Multnomah County to help keep our staff and students safe.  In addition, you can consult the COVID-19 Exclusion guidance document from ODE/OHA.

    PE and MUSIC ARE LIVE!  Please make sure your child is attending their weekly PE and Music class.  If your child has live instruction in the AM, then PE/Music are in the PM.  And, if you have live instruction in the PM, then PE/Music are in the AM.  Your child’s teacher has all the details and you should have received the schedule and the necessary meeting links.  Participating in PE and Music is expected and an important part of the instructional week.  Thanks for helping remind your child about this part of their day.

    DOGS!  It is safe to say that the dog population at Duniway has seen exponential growth.  All super sweet and very cute.  However, please remember no dogs are allowed on school grounds during the school day (8-2:30 PM).  I recognize that during drop off and pick-up, many folks enjoy bringing the dog along for the walk.  Please consider leaving your dog at home.  If your dog is on school grounds, they must be leashed at all times.  I am receiving numerous reports about off leash dogs, especially in the afternoon.  If this continues to be a problem, the county will be coming out to issue warnings and citations to those in violation of this city, county, and district ordinance/policy.  And lastly, please pick up after your dog! 

    Progress Reports:  Teachers are using today to complete progress reports for the 3rd quarter.  As with the previous report, teachers will be doing the best to capture how your child has been doing in the last few months.  Progress reports will be mailed home for distance learning students and in-person students will bring them home on Friday, 4/16.

    State Testing:  Some of you may have been following the news regarding state assessments.  The latest news appears to confirm that students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be taking ONE (either literacy or math, depending on the grade) assessment.  However, we should hear more information from PPS soon - at a minimum, parents will be able to opt their child out of taking this test if they so choose.  Speaking of assessments, I found this recent article in NY Times presented the pros and cons of moving forward with standardized testing this spring.

    Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.  See you next week!



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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 4/2/2021

    April 2, 2021

    Dear Families,

    It has been wonderful to welcome back our Kindergarten and First grade students over the last two days.  For many of our kindergarten students, this is the first time they have been inside Duniway!  The overall mood has been bright and relaxed, focused on making sure our students feel comfortable, safe, and are ready to learn and have fun.

    We know none of this would be possible without our teachers, support staff, and families working together. Again, a big thank you to everyone who continues to support our students, our families, and our school community.

    On Monday, April 5th we are excited to have our 2nd-5th graders join our K/1 students for our first full day of hybrid instruction.  As you know, there are many moving parts and we truly appreciate your help in making the day go smoothly.  Here are some reminders:

    • Please do not arrive at school early.  Teachers will be at their designated meeting spots at 7:55 AM and 12:10 PM.  We do not have any supervision prior to this time.  We are using multiple entrances/exits - Please Consult this MAP  for all the necessary details.

    • If you plan to drop off your child, and stay in your car, please use SE Lambert.  Your child can walk across the field and make their way to the designated location.  We will have a Duniway staff member on the playground/blacktop to help guide any student.  If you drive and plan to walk your child to their drop off location, that is great.  However, please consider parking a block away from school and enjoying a short walk.  This information is detailed ON THIS MAP .

    • It is critically important that your child knows how they are getting home.  Please make sure your child knows this information, and if it is a change from the “normal” plan please email your child’s teacher and the office.

    Duniway has an online spirit gear store until April 12th. You can order youth and adult T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and masks all with the Duniway logo! You will receive the orders by the end of April. If you cannot afford to purchase gear for your child please let the office know and we can make sure all students have Duniway spirit. 
    GO TO: Shop Spirit Gear

    The third quarter ends on April 8th.  There is no school on Friday, April 9th as teachers will be working on progress reports.  

    As always, if you have any questions about buses, attendance, enrollment, or just about anything else, please reach out to our office staff, Lynn (lterhaar@pps.net) and Sarah (serickson@pps.net).  And of course please feel free to reach out to me as well!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Looking forward to seeing many of you on Monday!



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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 3/19/2021

    March 19, 2021

    Dear Families,

    This week we are yet again reminded about the level of racial hate and gun violence that exists in our country.  The recent attacks on members of the Asian-American community in Atlanta is senseless and deeply hurtful.  It has never been more critical for the Duniway Community to band together to show our support for one another and most especially our Asian and BIPOC families.  Please connect with one another and do not hesitate to reach out to us as a resource.  In addition, here is a list of some resources to support our Asian communities.

    Just about a year ago, we had what was then billed as an “extended” spring break as the country, state, and district tried to figure out what the last quarter of the 2019-2020 School year would look like.  And here we are, heading out for spring break 2021 and yet again the week after spring break will feel different than in year’s past.  

    Last night I hosted an Informational Session about our transition to hybrid.  Thanks to those of you who attended.  If you were unable to join us, here is a link to the recording. As we ready ourselves for the hybrid model, teachers and staff will be busy the week after break -  preparing classrooms, meeting to plan instruction, and getting the building ready to welcome back our in-person students.  From March 29 - April 2, students in grades 2-5 will have only asynchronous learning activities and those students in Kindergarten and 1st grade will have only asynchronous learning activities from March 29 - March 31. It is important for families to know that teachers will be unable to provide the same level of feedback and comments on work posted on Seesaw.  They will be doing their very best to coordinate work for students while also preparing for the first day of hybrid learning.

    On Thursday, April 1st, kindergarten and 1st grade students in the AM cohort will come to school, and on Friday, April 2nd, Kindergarten and 1st graders in the PM cohort will come to school.  Beginning on Monday, April 5th ALL students who have opted to return to in-person instruction will start.

    As of today, we can no longer make any changes to assigned cohorts except for extraordinary circumstances or because of issues related to COVID-19.  I am well aware that the hybrid model has serious limitations and has placed yet another burden on families.  Many of you are juggling work responsibilities, childcare, parenting, caring for elders, and so much more.  I also know that many of you have been anxious for the opportunity to send your children back to school.

    • If your child plans on riding the bus you should have received an email from Lynn.  If you HAVE NOT heard from Lynn and you know that your child will be riding the bus please contact her ASAP. 

    • Speaking of returning to school, a message from our partner Duniway All-Stars (DAS):  We are currently looking into providing emergency childcare for the Duniway community. If this is currently a need of yours, please fill out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5ZM3YTK.  Please complete the survey ASAP as the survey will close Monday, March 22nd at 5pm. Thank you.  Ryan Neighbors (Program Director)

    • With spring on the horizon what a great time to purchase a new duniway shirt!  Duniway has an online spirit gear store open now until April 12th. You can order youth and adult T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and masks all with the Duniway logo! You will receive the orders by the end of April. If you cannot afford to purchase gear for your child please let the office know and we can make sure all students have Duniway spirit. lterhaar@pps.net or serickson@pps.net.Helpful Dates to Remember

    March 22-26:  Spring Break

    April 1/2:  K-1 students begin in-person learning

    April 5: - 2-5th grade students begin in-person learning

    April 8: Teacher Report Card day, NO SCHOOL

    April 12: Quarter 4 begins

    April 22: Kindergarten Connect at 6-7pm

    I know there is a tremendous amount going on and I truly hope that everyone can find a sliver of time over spring break to visit with family, enjoy a quiet moment with a good book, or perhaps find time to enjoy the outdoors.  Whatever your plans may be, please stay safe and healthy.

    Be well,




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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 3/12/2021

    March 12, 2021

    Dear Families,

    This week we concluded our second full week of LIPI.  We continue to enjoy seeing our students.  As with the first week, students are enjoying connecting with one another and also continue to work on their math and literacy skills.  Of course we are excited to have more and more of you return to Duniway - Here’s a great video created by Sarah Erickson to give you a little sneak peek - it has been a while!

    As you may have read, Governor Brown issued her Executive Order today confirming that she is ordering all schools to transition to either full in-person or hybrid instruction.  We are excited by the Governor’s order and are thrilled to welcome many of you back to Duniway.  We also recognize that many families are choosing to stay with CDL.  Regardless of whether your child is returning to Duniway or continuing to learn remotely, we see this final quarter as another opportunity to provide engaging and meaningful experiences for our students.  We know it will require a “heavy lift,” but I am confident our staff and our community will continue to work collaboratively, and to make the best of what continues to be a crazy year. 

    Although a few things seem more set and we appear to be on track for a transition in early late March and early April, several big questions still remain:  when will be the first day of Hybrid?  When will I know my child’s cohort information, their teacher (knowing it might change), and the list goes on.  While I do not have answers to these questions here are things you can expect:

    • Email communication next week that details the following:  Confirmation of your choice to be in-person or continue with CDL; your child’s teacher, your child’s cohort (AM or PM), your child’s classroom number (this is tentative and subject to change).

    • Additional details regarding procedures related to arrival, dismissal, student expectations, health/safety, student schedules, transportation, and more.  If you have any questions or would like to hear the latest, I will be hosting an informational meeting on Thursday, March 18th from 6:30 - 7:30 PM.  To join the meeting, you can follow this link: meet.google.com/opu-yajh-eui.  If you need translation services, please email Sarah Erickson.

    • While we still await an official start date, we do know that in-person cohorts will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The morning cohort runs from 8:00 - 10:15 AM and the afternoon cohort is from 12:15-2:30 PM.   If your child is staying in CDL, your schedule might vary slightly from these times.  You will be hearing from your child’s teacher with all the specific times, meeting codes, and other information you will need to continue to learn from home.  Wednesday’s will be mostly an asynchronous learning day for all students.  However, a more finalized schedule will be developed in the coming weeks.

    Although we are still wrestling with how the last quarter of this year will finish up, we are also keeping a close eye on the 2021-2022 School Year.  A big part of that is how we will best support our students.  Last Friday, the first ever Virtual Duniway Foundation Auction was a great success.  A big thank you to the Auction Co-Chairs Erin Gates, Grace Radke, Mallory Ferguson and Gina Benzien, the entire Foundation Board, and teacher Jon Vogel for volunteering to host the event.  And of course, thank you to the entire Duniway Community for your support and willingness to rise to the occasion. With your help, we raised over $150,000! Donations directly impact the lives of Duniway Elementary’s students, as well as students across Portland Public Schools.

    It looks like they are predicting a high of over 60 degrees tomorrow.  I hope you all are able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

    Be well,


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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 3/5/2021

    March 5, 2021

    Dear Families,

    On Tuesday, nearly one year after the Coronavirus Pandemic closed schools throughout the country, we welcomed students back into the classrooms and hallways of Duniway.  It was really special to see our students and to watch them transition back into the classroom.  After a bit of “first day” hesitation, students were quickly reading, writing stories, and working on math skills.   I too enjoyed a much needed change in routine and found myself moving between the office (there is still no shortage of online meetings that I need to attend) and the classrooms, visiting with students, checking in with teachers, and saying hello to families.

    I want to thank our Duniway LIPI Team (Kala Goodman, Frances Clawson, Kim Stockstad, Meghan Austin, Lisa Adams, Lynn Terhaar, Sarah Erickson, Jen Bamer, and Sarah Lewis) for working hard to make our first week a success.  In addition, thanks to our Student Health Assistant Adrienne and our Nurse Shannon who have also been spending plenty of time making sure our students and staff are safe and to Carl and Jim for working on keeping the building clean.  Finally, thank you to the parents/guardians who have volunteered to participate in LIPI.

    The idea all along has been to learn from LIPI and to prepare to open school for more and more students.  Friday’s news from Governor Brown, in addition to possible changes in guidelines from ODE and OHA, further confirm that school will be back in session at Duniway.  And perhaps even sooner than we first thought…I am told more details will be emerging over the weekend and PPS will be communicating with families, staff, and administrators as soon as more information is available. 

    I imagine that many of you have lots of questions and you would like more details about hybrid Instruction. This Tuesday evening, beginning at 6:30 PM,  the Duniway PTA is hosting a panel discussion focused on the return to school and COVID-19 safety. For more detail, including the zoom link, check out this information from the PTA. We hope many of you can attend.

    I recently received Duniway’s staffing allocation for the 2021-2022 School Year.  The good news is that our staffing will remain almost identical to the 2020-2021 School Year.  However, PPS was unable to add any additional staff, including positions that provide critical support to all Duniway students.  Unfortunately, this has become “normal,” and in order to meet the ever shifting demands of our students and families, the Duniway Foundation is poised (yet again) to provide the vital financial support that is needed.  After a successful Annual Campaign this fall, the Foundation’s annual auction is slated for TONIGHT!  

    Tonight is the Duniway Foundation Auction.  For more details and to SIGN UP to view tonight's Live Virtual Auction! Go Here: https://duniway.schoolauction.net/2021auction/signup

    If you pre-purchased meals, please check your email for pickup details.

    Bidding closes at 7 pm on Sunday-- Bid often and bid high!

    Please support Duniway's biggest fundraiser-- our kids are counting on us!


    I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Be well.



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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 2/19/2021

    February 19, 2021

    Dear Families,

    What a week!  First of all, I truly hope that everyone is safe, warm, and made it through the winter storm - add it to a long list of challenging times.  I know Duniway’s power was restored yesterday, so I hope that means that all of you too have electricity once again.  Several staff members are still without power and/or the internet.  I want to thank you for your patience during this week.  I know schedules and teaching has been thrown for a loop.  We hope next week our teachers will be able to resume the normal CDL schedule.

    Hybrid/CDL Survey Deadline NOW 2/25/2021:  Because of the snowstorm and ongoing technical delays (the system is offline and not functioning right now), PPS has extended the survey deadline.  As of today, there are still quite a few families who have not completed this important survey.  If you had not completed the survey by yesterday, you should have received an email. The email with the link to the survey is only being sent to ONE parent/guardian email address.  It may have ended up in your SPAM folder.  If you need another copy of the link, please email me and I will send you a link for your child(ren).

    I recognize that there are many questions yet to be answered, including what exactly hybrid and CDL will look like and who will be teaching. I am hoping that more information begans to flow from the district in the coming days.  Please know that your survey response IS NOT A BINDING COMMITMENT - the data is being used to gauge overall interest with hybrid and CDL.

    The district has created this Information Site for more detailed information on Hybrid.

    LIPI Update:  Our LIPI plan has been approved by district officials and we are moving into the final stages of planning.  We are still on schedule to welcome three cohorts of students back to Duniway on Tuesday, March 2nd.  As you know, we are initially serving approximately 30 students.  Depending on several factors, including the roll out of the hybrid plan, we may expand LIPI to provide access to additional students.

    Successful Schools Survey:

    The 2021 Successful Schools Family Survey is at this link.  This important information will guide us as we determine the future of our schools.  You can complete the survey from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  It should only take 10-15 minutes of your time.  Select the school your child attends and answer the questions for that school.  If you have children at more than one PPS school, please complete one survey for each school your children attend.  If you need help taking the survey please contact Sarah at serickson@pps.net.

    Auction Catalog is Online!

    The Auction catalog is up for previewing online! Check out the amazing items-- including vacation homes, spa packages, gift cards, and more!-- and get ready to bid on both Silent and Live items starting March 1!


    Live Virtual Auction Event Info-- March 5, 6:30-8:00 pm

    The Auction is Duniway's biggest fundraiser of the year. Proceeds help fund vital staffing positions at our school. Please plan to view the live event-- and invite friends and family! It's free and family-friendly, and will include a slideshow, videos, the live auction, and more. Plus--  the Live Virtual Auction will be emceed by Duniway kindergarten teacher Mr. Vogel! Don't worry-- this is not a Zoom meeting (you will not be on video), but you can interact with fellow viewers in the chat feature! Please show your support of Duniway, our teachers and staff, and the team of parent volunteers who have spent this entire pandemic school year making this event happen-- mark your calendars for March 5 at 6:30 pm! Registration details to follow soon.

    I know there are quite a few questions about Hybrid, CDL, LIPI, and more.  In many cases your child’s classroom teacher might be able to answer questions and you can always reach out to me by email or phone or text (503-312-2659) and I will do my best to field your questions and concerns.  I hope everyone has a restful and calm weekend.

    Be well,



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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 2/12/2021

    February 12, 2021

    Dear Families,

    This year has been filled with firsts and today was no exception: A very snowy school day, and the local sledding hill (at least in my NE neighborhood) was void of rosy cheeks, snotty noses, and cries of joy and laughter.  Only during the COVID-19 Pandemic and CDL do we have “regular” school day during a very, very snowy day.  I know when the flakes start to fly at school there is quite a bit of distraction, so thank you to parents and caregivers for the work you did today!  Of course, I do hope you find time in the coming days to sled, make snow angels, and just plain have fun in the snow and cold air.  There is nothing like it.

    On Wednesday, you should have received this communication from PPS, describing, in a bit more detail, what a return to in-person instruction might look like in April.  Today, you should have received an email from PPS asking you to complete a short survey. The main reason for the survey is for Duniway and PPS to gauge the number of students who wish to return to in-person instruction (Hybrid Model) and the number of students who wish to remain 100% virtual, continuing with the CDL model presently in use.  I know there are still many unknowns and therefore it might be hard to answer the questions.  Your answers on the survey are NOT a binding commitment, one way or the other.  However, we ask that you provide an honest assessment of what your present thinking is right now. 

    This survey, unlike most you receive from PPS or Duniway, is specific to your child, and therefore we cannot include a generic link for you to use. If you cannot find the email from today you need to let me know and I can resend you the right link.  If you have technical issues with the survey, please respond to the email that you received.  If you have questions that relate hybrid instruction, CDL, health and safety in the building, etc please feel free to email Matt Goldstein.  Finally, if you need help completing the survey please let us know and we would be happy to help.  

    In the midst of gathering information about returning to school in April, we are also moving forward with our plans to welcome a small number of students back to Duniway beginning on March 2nd.  As mentioned last week, we are forming three cohorts of students who will be coming to Duniway on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  We will keep everyone posted on how our planning is going. 

    Kindergarten 2021

    Do you have a child who will be entering kindergarten in the fall of 2021?  Perhaps you have a friend or family member who might.  For all things kindergarten, please visit Duniway’s Connect to Kindergarten websiteto learn more about kindergarten at Duniway.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact school secretary Sarah Erickson or Principal Matt Goldstein.

    Successful School Survey 

    Be on the lookout for your successful school survey. Don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard and inform the direction of your school and the district for the years to come.  Watch your email for more information and a link to the survey from PPS coming soon! If you have any questions please email Sarah Erickson.

    Attention Upcoming 6th Grade Parents of Sellwood Middle School! Are you looking for a way to get involved at Sellwood Middle School? 

    The PTA is looking for new board members for the 2021-22 school year. Please email sellwoodpta@gmail if you or someone you know is interested. It is a small time commitment and a great way to get involved!

    The Panther Enrichment and Academic Knowledge (PEAK) Program is a series of after school classes open to all Sellwood Middle School (SMS) students. In order for our PEAK program to get up and running once school is back in the building, we really need a PEAK coordinator! Please consider heading up this important school resource. Please email sellwoodpta@gmail for more information. We would really hate to lose our PEAK program!! We use 6 Crickets to facilitate the PEAK Program (the same as your after school enrichment program).

    ]Auction Updates

    Remember to buy your meals, mugs, and raffle tickets!

    Reserve your Reverend's BBQ meals, raffle tickets, and Duniway mugs now! You will pick up the meals and mugs in Eastmoreland on the afternoon of March 5. Exact address and additional details will be sent out the week of the event. And make sure to purchase your raffle tickets for a chance to win a Hood River Getaway for Two!

     Family and Friends Gift Sponsorships Now Available!  Duniway Friends and Family Sponsorships are a fantastic way to support Duniway! Your donation helps fund crucial teaching and educational assistant positions, and also supports underserved schools within Portland Public Schools. Visit http://www.duniwayelementary.com/auction for more info. Your donation makes a difference!!

    I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend.  Stay safe out there!




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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 2/5/2021

    February 5, 2021

    Dear Families,

    The first week of February has arrived and the second semester is officially underway.  Progress reports are being sent to families via US Mail and should arrive by the middle of next week.  If you do not receive one by the next Friday, please email Lynn or Sarahin the office.  We hope you find the information insightful and that it leads to a positive and constructive conversation with your child.  You may notice that this is a new progress report, and while there are improvements, it is still being worked on and will not be truly finalized until the winter of 2021.  As always, if you have any questions about your child’s progress, please reach out to their teacher.

    There continues to be a number of questions and conversations about returning to in-person instruction.  There are two pieces of planning going on simultaneously.  The first is Limited in Person Instruction (LIPI).  At this moment, we are gearing up for LIPI to begin on March 2nd. Duniway has a team of staff working to prepare for the start of LIPI (see below for more details).  The second area that is now being worked on is what is being called the Hybrid model.  At this moment, all planning for Hybrid is taking place at the district level.  I anticipate more details will be coming from PPS as early as next week. 

    LIPI Update:

    After a series of staff conversations, careful analysis of academic and attendance data, and reviewing information collected in the community survey, we have made our initial decision on the first three cohorts of students:

    • 2 cohorts of 1st and 2nd Grade students.  These students will receive both literacy and social-emotional skill support.

    • 1 cohort of 4th and 5th Grade students.  These students will receive support with math and social-emotional skills.

    LIPI will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 1:00 - 3:00 PM.  Invitations to students will be going out to families beginning next week, and in-person instruction is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, March 2nd.

    As I have said in prior communications, we are only able to serve a very limited number of students.  Starting with a small number of students will help ensure student and staff safety, while also adhering to the guidelines set forth by ODE and OHA.  It will also allow our staff to better personalize the instruction and support provided to those students who are participating in LIPI.  

    LIPI will take place at least through the end of March, and possibly longer.  If we are able to, we will add additional cohorts of students, prioritizing third grade students and adding more if possible.  It is likely that by early April, PPS will offer a hybrid option that will allow all students to return to school on a part-time basis.  As I stated above, PPS is working to better define what this hybrid option will look like and will then be communicating directly with families.  In addition, there will also be an option for those families who choose for their children to remain in full-time CDL.  Again, we are unsure of exactly what that will look like.

    From the PTA:

    Dream Flag Project

     If you were unable to pick up your child(s) Dream Flag Project this week during Library Book Pick Up, please reach out to Kayla Gulbranson (kaylagulbranson@gmail.com or on Konstella) to have one dropped at your home this weekend.  If you accidentally received two for your child, please reach out as well. There is only enough for one per child at this time.  

    From the Foundation: 

    Pre-purchase your takeout meals and Camp Duniway mugs now!

    Visit duniway.com/auction to purchase meals and swag for the Live Virtual Auction (March 5)! A huge thank you to our food and beverage sponsors: Reverend's BBQ, Nothing Bundt Cakes, King Estate Winery, The Portland Bottle Shop, The Great Oregon Wine Co. and Distillery, Gigantic Brewing, and Mitchell Wine Group!

    Family and Friends Gift Sponsorships Now Available!

    Duniway Friends and Family Sponsorships are a fantastic way to support Duniway! Your donation helps fund crucial teaching and educational assistant positions, and also supports underserved schools within Portland Public Schools. Visit duniway.com/auction for more info. Your donation makes a difference!!

    I want to thank you all for your support, patience, and flexibility.  I recognize that we are still surrounded by many unknowns.  We are excited by the prospect of launching LIPI in early March and hope we are able to provide on-site instruction for more and more students.  The classrooms and hallways at Duniway have been silent for so long - we anxiously await the sounds of footsteps (spaced apart of course) and laughter (muffled by a mask).

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  Have a wonderful weekend.




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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 1/29/2021

    January 29, 2021

    Dear Families,

    I want to thank you again for your flexibility during the last week.  I recognize that there is a cost to modifying schedules and reducing the amount of live instruction.  However, it is my hope that the information gathered and time spent 1:1 with students will put us in a better position to improve our CDL efforts and to provide accurate updates and feedback to students and families.  In addition, the data collected over the last week, as well as other sources of information will help provide the insight we need to make an informed decision on who to invite to participate in Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI).

    I hope that you took a few minutes to review the message sent out my PPS late Tuesday evening.  It provides a pretty comprehensive look at where we are and where we hope to go in the coming weeks and months.  As I mentioned last week, Duniway is in the third or three phases for the LIPI roll-out.  Our anticipated start date will be the week of March 1st.  I want to thank the many families (99 as of today) who took the time to complete the LIPI survey.  If you have not completed the survey, I encourage you to take a few minutes to do so.  It will remain open through Sunday.  In case you are curious, at this point almost exactly 50% of respondents have said yes, I would definitely send my student to LIPI at Duniway, with the other 50% roughly split between no thank you and possibly.

    The information we have gathered in the survey, as well as through conversations with community members and staff, has helped to inform the beginnings of our draft LIPI plan.  I met this morning with our Duniway Staff LIPI Work Group to begin finalizing our plan.  We will be connecting with teachers and identifying the best students who fit criteria laid out by ODE and PPS, while also making sure we zero in on the Duniway students who will benefit the most from LIPI.

    At this point, our tentative plan is to have three cohorts of students.  All three of the cohorts, each with approximately 10-12 students, will provide academic and social emotional support to a small group of Duniway students.  Students will attend in-person sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, from 1:00 - 3:00 PM and will be invited to participate by the school.  This opportunity is completely optional and is a supplement to ongoing CDL.  If our initial roll-out goes well and students and staff stay healthy and our protocols are effective, we will move to expand the number of cohorts.  It is my hope that the vaccination rollout to educators that began this week will also help our efforts to bring more students back to Duniway.

    I know that serving 30-35 students is a very small percentage of our student population.  I also know that there are a variety of opinions about who should be served and whether any students should be returning at this time at all.  It is my hope that our rollout of LIPI provides the opportunity where we can safely have students in our school, make necessary adjustments to our protocols and procedures, and then increase the number of students we can bring into the building.

    Yesterday marked the official end to the 1st semester and the mid-way point of the school year.  Teachers will be finalizing progress reports in the coming days.  The reports will be sent home via US Mail.  You should receive them by the middle of next week.  If you have any questions about the progress report, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

    With February fast approaching, the auction is right around the corner.  Here are the latest updates:

    Pre-purchase your takeout meals starting next week!  Watch your inbox next week for info on how to pre-purchase takeout meals to enjoy during the Live Virtual Auction (March 5)  from our amazing food and beverage sponsors! A huge thank you to Reverend's BBQ, Nothing Bundt Cakes, King Estate Winery, The Portland Bottle Shop, The Great Oregon Wine Co. and Distillery, Gigantic Brewing, and Mitchell Wine Group!

     Raffle launching soon!  Look for more info soon about our Hood River Getaway raffle! Tickets are only $25 or 5 for $100. A limited number will be sold for this fun local getaway package which includes lodging, e-bike rentals, and more! Thanks to our raffle sponsors: Best Western Plus Hood River Inn, Oregon E-Bikes, Full Sail Brewing, and Naked Winery!

     I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Enjoy the last days of January!




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