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    artwork by first grade student

    The Art Infusion Program at Glencoe

    The Art Infusion Program at Glencoe Elementary School was created in January 2001 by parent volunteers who were committed to providing more visual arts for the classroom.

    Based on a program developed for Sunset Elementary School in Wilsonville by Lee Ogle, an art consultant at Portland State University, Glencoe parents attend training sessions where they are guided through a series of lessons and produce their own artwork. After their training, parents are able to go into the classrooms and teach the lesson. These art lessons are thematic and are based either on subjects such as World Art or famous artists and use a wide variety art mediums.


    "Art of the Aborigine”
    artwork by second grade student

    The Goals of the Art Infusion Program

    • To develop proficiencies in K-5 State of Oregon art literacy standards
    • To learn how to see through a different eye
    • To think of and present themselves as artists
    • To develop drawing skills
    • To develop artistic ability by trying a variety of techniques and media
    • To understand the relationship of time, cultures and art history
    • To understand the creative process
    • To have fun

    Landscape Tapestry

    Landscape Tapestry
    artwork by third grade student



    “Oaxaca Animal Drawing”
    artwork by fourth grade student

    How it all fits together…

    Young Audiences’ annual Run for the Arts is an annual “jog-a-thon” through which students raise money for arts education. All of the donations go into an account managed by Young Audiences of Southwest Washington and Oregon. Young Audiences is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance young people's learning with creative resources from the arts community. Our local chapter facilitates a network of services that bring art programming to Glencoe.

    The Glencoe Arts Development Committee, made up of Glencoe parents and staff, works to integrate art with other learning experiences. Using input from teachers, this committee plans how our Run for the Arts money will be spent. This includes using art to:

    • Help students meet learning benchmarks.
    • Provide experience that support different learning styles.
    • Expose students to a variety of multicultural experiences.
    • Connect residencies and performances to classroom learning themes.


    artwork by fifth grade student

    The Glencoe Art Show

    This year the show will be at the STEAM night on Friday, May 15th. Each student selects two favorite art pieces to be displayed in the Café for a one night showing. Parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends are encouraged to come. It’s a very special night for our students to show off their work.

     Cave Painting

    "Cave Painting"
    artwork by Kindergarten student

    A Special Thanks

    Without parent volunteers, there would not be an art program at Glencoe. "Thank you" to all of our wonderful, dedicated, and enthusiastic parent volunteers that make this program so successful. Our community appreciates all that you do for our children and the time that you give.

    Working   teach



    Do you want to get involved in the Art Infusion Program?

    Come to one of our monthly training programs or contact our coordinator:

    Melissa Heintzman